USS Yorktown Sister Simulations

Created by Captain Tobias Naros on Sat Apr 7th, 2012 @ 4:17am

1. Each site will have a page dedicated to the sister ship program including the following information;

a. A link to the sister ship's website.
b. Contact information for the sister ship's CO and/or XO.
c. Image of the sister ship.
d. Any other information within reason pertaining to the sister ship that is requested.

2. Recommending the sister ship to players seeking to join other simms.

3. Possibility of future Joint Missions with the sister ship.

Interested COs should contact Captain Tobias Naros.

USS Sentinel - (Task Force 22 Flagship)
Commanding Officer: Rear Admiral Erik Tsereteli
Executive Officer: Lieutenant Commander Fala Awen

USS Malinche
Commanding Officer: Captain Isabel Kersare
Executive Officer: Commander Nora Zeral

Starbase 621
Commanding Officer: Commander Brin Nalys
Executive Officer: Lieutenant Commander Isela Rae-Ven

Starbase 484
Commanding Officer: Captain Aurora Trax
Executive Officer: Lieutenant Commander Gavin Knight

USS Iapetus
Commanding Officer: Captain Vorn Krace
Executive Officer: Commander Acle Walex

USS Frontier
Commanding Officer: Ambassador Mordred Ocal
Executive Officer: