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Behind the Curtain

Posted on Fri Dec 27th, 2013 @ 10:46am by Captain Tobias Naros & Ensign Azur Vaer & Lieutenant Commander Xavier Nor'el & Lieutenant Commander Joseph Thompson & Lieutenant Torin Drell & Lieutenant Aniela Darvetti & Lieutenant Amanda Owens & Lieutenant Mikaela Breland

Mission: Episode 1.3 - "...Is a Friend in Deed"
Location: Main Bridge, USS Yorktown
Timeline: Mission Day 04, 0832 Hours

ON: [[Main Bridge, USS Yorktown, Mission Day 04, 0832 Hours]]

Tobias was the first to emerge from the conference room. Although he could not immediately see what it was that had brought them to Red Alert, he could tell those present were definitely on edge about something. He had only taken a few steps when the deck plating beneath his feet trembled.

Close on the captain's heels, Joe was already moving around towards the Sec/Tac station when the ship shook. A moment later, he was at his station and bringing up the tactical scans.

Following the others out of the conference room, Aniela had started to make her way to the science station when she felt the ship shudder under her. Her hands grasped at a nearby station to steady herself and, after giving it a few moments, she hurried the rest of the way to her console. As she requested a scan report and started a new one, her eyes moved around the room, watching as the others moved to their stations as well.

With only a short distance to move Torin was almost to his seat when the room began to shake but not quite having closed the gap he was in the open with nothing to hold onto and it took every bit of the Trill's agility to keep himself upright. As the shaking subsided he made the last few steps briskly and threw himself into the chair with urgency before assessing the Operations diagnostic console.

Xavier lost his footing momentarily as the deck plating trembled. Having caught himself on the door frame he was able to keep from falling and steadied himself before heading out to the center of the bridge. Taking a quick look around noticing all the action taking place at all the stations on the bridge. Wanting to find out what the current status of both the Yorktown and the convoy was. He called out "all stations, Report!"

"The convoy is under attack," Joe said grimly. "Our own shields are holding, but the others' won't last as long."

Hearing the Executive Officer's request for reports, Aniela's eyes moved to the readout before her. She frowned as she read through it and started a more in depth scan, "Science isn't picking up anything out of the ordinary, sir." At least, nothing out of the ordinary considering the area they were in.

Mikaela's (PNPC) facial expression remained serious as she arrived at the Engineering console. This would be her first battle while holding the Acting Chief position. For the time being, she wasn't concerned about the Yorktown - not in comparison to the other ships in the convoy anyway. The fact that the convoy ships' shields were already starting to fail did not sit well with her. "Yorktown is alright for now, but as Commander Thompson pointed out, the convoy ships will be in trouble shortly. I'll have damage control teams ready." Quickly she sent a message down to engineering, giving them the order to have the teams ready to go.

Torin quickly scanned his screen for any red flags, signs of false alarm or other warnings, finding none he switched over to real time systems readouts which scrolled along as the always did unhindered. "All ship operations are normal," he reported. With his other hand he shuffled system priority ratings in the computer giving scanner and tactical systems higher priority than the other systems for faster response time; standard red alert procedure but something he hadn't had to do in a long while.

Azur (PNPC) crossed the distance between the observation lounge doors and his position at the helm in several quick steps. A quick survey of the navigational readouts gave him a pretty good idea of their flight situation. "Three of the Cardassian ships are losing speed," the young Trill reported. Whoever these people were, they were wasting little time trying to break apart the convoy's formation.

"Tell the entire convoy to drop to impulse," Tobias ordered. A convoy's greatest protection was the unity of its members. If any of the transports were knocked out of warp prematurely, they would be left entirely to the mercy of the attacking ships, which was exactly what the enemy wanted. The only way to ensure the safety of the entire convoy was for all of them to drop out of warp at once. "It won't do us any good if we get separated," the El-Aurian continued, "and have Major Lexon scramble his!"

"Fighters are prepped for launch," Amy (PNPC) reported from her secondary tactical console. "Launching now."

"Tactical analysis, Mister Thompson," Tobias said, turning his attention toward the forward viewscreen.

"Two raiders strafing the convoy," Joe replied. "Tactical readings are indicative of known Nausicaan design. Probably trying to raid the supplies and thought they could get away with it." They won't, he added silently.

"Sir," Xavier said once again speaking up. "It's very odd for the Nausicaans to come so far out of their territory to raid. Once we've dealt with this we may want to see who or what they've aligned with to bring them this far out of their sector."

"That it would seem, Number One," Tobias observed. It was not all that unheard of for Nausicaans to trouble merchant shipping from time to time, but as Nor'el had pointed out, they rarely ventured beyond their usual range without cause. Reaching over, the El-Aurian tapped a button on the arm of his chair and began to speak. "Bridge to Major Lexon," he said, "I think it's time we see what the Phantoms are capable of."

=/\= With pleasure, Sir, =/\= Drake (PNPC) said. =/\= Do you have a preference for where you want us to spread their hull fragments? =/\=

"I leave that up to your discretion, Major," Tobias replied, "Our primary duty is to protect the convoy."

=/\= Acknowledged, =/\= Drake said. =/\= Moving to cover the convoy. Be back in about ten minutes. =/\=

Joe couldn't help but grin. Marines, he thought wryly. We're not overconfident at all...

Over at the secondary tactical console, Amy shook her head. It hadn't taken long working with the fighter pilots for her to realize that they were all certain in their own invincibility. She hoped they wouldn't be proven wrong today.

"Captain," Torin said with an almost uncertain tone as he grimaced at his console. "Short range scans have detected an unusual energy signature, I'm not really sure what to make of it..."

"I'm seeing it on the tactical scans, too," Joe said grimly.

"It could be some kind spatial anomaly," Torin continued after Tactical's confirmation. "But I can't tell, interference from the Black Cluster is making it rather difficult to isolate its pattern."

Frowning, Aniela reviewed her scan results. It was true that there seemed to be some kind of odd energy signature, but she wasn't picking up on any particles or other indicators of a spatial anomaly. She didn't want to say anything just yet - not until she ran another scan looking for anomalies.

Tobias considered the information as quickly as it was presented to him. In a combat situation, it was important to be aware of as many variables as possible, regardless of how insignificant they might seem. Nausicaans were renowned for their audacity when it came to raiding the vessels and installations of other species. They were even known to sometimes to take on those which seemed much more capable than themselves. Still, there was little doubt in Tobias' mind that Major Lexon and the other starfighters would be able to handle two Nausicaan raiders.

"Miss Owens...what is the current location of our starfighters," Tobias asked, turning his attention toward the younger woman.

"All four Phantoms are in pursuit of the Nausicaans," Amy said. "They're near the far end of the convoy."

"Helm...evasive maneuvers, pattern delta-two," Tobias barked even as he spun around in his chair to face the forward viewscreen, "standby to..." Before he could even finish issuing the command, the Yorktown shuddered under a barrage of enemy weapons fire. A second volley followed almost immediately and the El-Aurian was forced to grab the arms of his chair or risk being thrown from it.

Xavier took a quick look around and barked out "Damage Report!"

From the engineering console, Mikaela quickly called up a damage report. "Report indicates we've suffered some damage, but nothing too serious at this point. Damage Control teams are already responding and should have it repaired soon."

"Do we know where the volleys came from Mr. Thompson?" Xavier asked.

"Sir, we're starting to get a fix on that energy reading," Joe said. "The computer's not having an easy time of it, but-" He broke off abruptly as he recognized some of the patterns he was seeing. "Sir, that's a Yang Zutal ship!"

There was little time for anyone to process what had just been reported to them. No sooner were the words out of Thompson's mouth than a terrible sound echoed throughout the ship. An series of explosions followed by the sound of metal wrenching against metal. The entire vessel lurched suddenly, throwing people from their chairs. Several of the auxiliary consoles exploded in showers of sparks and smoke as energy crackled through overloaded EPS conduits.

Tobias, having also been thrown from his chair, hit the deck hard. He felt a few tiny flakes of burnt material from the damaged consoles against the back of his neck. Brushing them aside, the El-Aurian pushed himself up from where he'd landed and climbed back into the center chair. "Report," he called out amid the semi-darkness.

At the sound of Tobias' voice, Mikaela loosened her grip on the console and quickly brought up the damage control menu. Her eyes moved through the report, looking for what had been damaged in the attack. Frowning, she called out, "Sir, it seems that we're experiencing structural damage to the hull,'s from within the hull. Their weapons don't seem to be doing the majority of their damage on impact... We also have, three hull breaches."

Getting back to his station, Joe steadied himself and glanced at the tactical scans. "Sir, I'm getting some strange EM signals off those weapons," he said. "They seem to be an unidentified class of warhead." Joe stared at the readings, trying to place where he'd seen similar ones before. He was interrupted, though, by a sudden flash. "Another volley inbound!"

"Divert power to the shields," Tobias ordered, gripping the arms of his command chair, "Evasive maneuvers...all hands, brace for impact!"


A Joint Mission Post by:

Captain Tobias Naros
Commanding Officer
USS Yorktown

Lieutenant Commander Xavier Nor'el
Executive Officer
USS Yorktown

Lieutenant Commander Joseph Thompson
Chief Security/Tactical Officer & Second Officer
USS Yorktown

Major Drake Lexon (PNPC)
Phantom Squad Leader
USS Yorktown
Played by: LtCmdr Thompson

Lieutenant Aniela Darvetti
Chief Science Officer
USS Yorktown

Lieutenant Torin Drell
Chief Operations Officer
USS Yorktown

Lieutenant Mikaela Breland (PNPC)
Assistant Chief Engineering Officer
USS Yorktown
Played by: Lt. Darvetti

Lieutenant Amanda Owens (PNPC)
Assistant Chief Tactical Officer
USS Yorktown
Played by: LtCmdr Thompson


Ensign Azur Vaer (PNPC)
Flight Control Officer
USS Yorktown
Played by: Capt Naros


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