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Blood, Sand, and Smoke

Posted on Fri Dec 27th, 2013 @ 10:51am by Ensign Jesse Gael & Anthony Haelen & Lieutenant Ophelia Lysander

Mission: Episode 1.3 - "...Is a Friend in Deed"
Location: Main Sickbay, USS Yorktown
Timeline: Mission Day 04, 0826 Hours

ON: [[Primary Sickbay, USS Yorktown, Mission Day 04, 0826 Hours]]

"...and I was certain I was going to be dealing with a medical emergency," Anthony (PNPC) was saying, "Right there in the office. Klingons are known for having quite the temper, you know, especially when it involves a question of honor." Unlike most individuals made up of flesh and blood, the Emergency Medical Hologram had the benefit of advanced computer algorithms to record and store an account of everything he had every experienced. Recounting the story of this particular encounter was as simple for him as it would have been to recall what had taken place only moments earlier.

"You can't stop there," Emily (NPC) told him, pausing midway through her inspection of the emergency medkits. She glanced over at Gael (PNPC) to see whether or not he was still paying any attention to the story. Doctor Haelen was the first Emergency Medical Hologram she had ever really interacted with on a regular basis. Most of what she knew about them was based on what other people had told her and no one had ever described an Emergency Medical Hologram as...sociable. In fact, she hadn't even realized how invested she'd become in the doctor's story. "What happened next," she asked, hoping he would continue.

"The captain stood his ground," Anthony continued, "and I..."

Anthony never had the chance to finish his sentence. Whatever he had meant to say was drowned out by the sound of the red alert klaxon. The three exchanged surprised looks as the entire room was suddenly bathed in a crimson glow. =^= All hands to battle stations =^= a voice announced over the communication system =^= This is not a drill. Repeat...all hands to battle stations. This is not a drill. =^=

With the telltale siren of the red alert still blaring, two crewmembers in gold uniforms staggered through the Sickbay doors. Ensign Hancey (NPC) looked around with sharp eyes, his arm wrapped around the shoulders of his companion as he half led, half dragged him further into the room. “I think he hit his head,” he said to the first nurse who rushed to help, his concern for his friend evident in his voice. “He’s been mumbling strange things, and there's blood…” Gesturing to the dark, damp spot on the back of his crewmate’s lolling head, the Ensign looked to the nurse for further guidance.

"Put him over here," Emily said, sweeping the contents of the emergency medkit out of her way and motioning to the now empty bio-bed. She reached across, placing both arms under the injured crewman's armpits and helped lift him into position before turning to the ensign who had carried him in. "Has he said anything coherent since this happened," she asked.

“Not really,” Hancey said, wiping his hands on his uniform as he stood off to the side. “He did say his head hurt, but after that, it was all just nonsense. He asked where I hit the ball at one point,” the Ensign frowned. If it was a concussion, it was the worst one that he had ever seen, that much was certain.

“We’ve got some broken bones here!” came a shout from the doorway as three more crewmembers entered Sickbay. As de facto leader of the injured party members, Chief Petty Officer Holly (NPC) efficiently informed the nearest medical personnel of the situation. “These two took a nasty fall in Engineering as they were climbing the ladder to the catwalk. I’m not totally sure, but I think Alice’s (NPC) arm is broken in two places, and Beren (NPC) here won’t admit it, but his shoulder’s in pretty bad shape.”

Anthony knew it could take several minutes for the off-duty medical personnel to respond. That was, of course, assuming they were not already providing aid to someone en route. The on-duty nurse was already working on an initial assessment of the head injury that had just come in and there was little doubt in Anthony's mind they would be receiving more patients soon. "Mister Gael...I could really use an extra pair of hands," Anthony said, casting aside the PADD he had been working with and quickly exchanging it for a medical tricorder.

As the ship shuddered, the doors hissed open to reveal Ophelia, looking a little worse for wear. Her hair had come loose from its previously tidy knot, giving her a disheveled look totally at odds with her usual kempt appearance. The look was only compounded by a fairly deep cut above her eyebrow that stood out starkly against the paleness of her skin. All the same, she looked the picture of health compared to the unconscious man that she and another crewmember had propped between the two of them. At the moment, she was just glad that she had been in the right place at the right time to help the man to Sickbay.

“Help me get him over to that biobed,” Ophelia instructed clearly to the other crewmember, already turning to call for Anthony’s assistance. “This man’s console exploded. He was already moving away from it, but it hit him all the same. I’m afraid that he’s already lost a lot of blood,” she said, reaching for a nearby hypospray. “What other injuries are there so far?”

Anthony lingered only a moment more until he was satisfied the patient he had been attending to was in stable condition before making his way toward Lysander. "Head trauma, broken arm, dislocated shoulder, various burns, lacerations, and the like," he replied, ticking them off one-by-one without skipping a beat as he stepped up alongside the Chief Medical Officer, "including yourself."

With her medical tricorder now in hand, Ophelia gave a dismissive shake of her head. “It was a glancing blow at best,” she muttered, green eyes intent upon the tricorder’s incoming readouts. Though she hadn’t been particularly close to the exploding console herself, the blast had still thrown her off her feet and straight into a nearby panel. “It will keep for the time being, I promise.”

"Please," Anthony insisted when she tried to pull away, "the sooner I get this taken care of, the sooner both of us can get back to helping everyone else."

It was the ‘please’ that did her in. That, and the realization that it was illogical to try to heal other crewmembers when she technically had a head injury herself. Seeing that a nearby nurse had already stepped in to help with the injured crewman, Ophelia turned to Anthony with an only vaguely reluctant nod. “Thank you, Anthony. Just make it quick, please,” she added, glancing at the injured crewman beside them.

Anthony nodded to show that he understood. With a steady hand, he carefully passed his own tricorder back and forth over her head, allowing it to take in the necessary information. After a moment, Anthony lowered the device and consulted the results that scrolled across its display. "The good news is that it really is nothing more than a scratch," he told her as he reached for the dermal regenerator, "now hold still."

“That is good news,” Ophelia agreed, and would have held still as Anthony directed had the ship not rocked again in the next moment, the result of an explosion that somehow sounded even stronger—and nearer—than before. There was something decidedly off about this most recent blast, though Ophelia was hard-pressed to describe exactly what it was in the moment. The ship seemed to groan all around them, and the odd vibrations that accompanied the explosion sent any medical instruments still standing crashing to the floor. In the brief stillness that followed, Ophelia looked to Dr. Haelen with wide eyes. “I don’t like the sound of that.”

"Neither do I," Anthony replied darkly. The hologram had been through his fair share of engagements before, everything ranging from the Breen to the Remans to the Elyshans. Never had he heard anything like what they'd just experienced. Unfortunately, neither of them had any time to dwell on the matter.

The next wave of injured arrivals seemed to speak for itself, commanding the attention of most of the medical personnel gathered in Sickbay, Ophelia included. It was immediately apparent that many of the wounded were in very bad shape indeed, and the young doctor only hoped that they had enough hands to help tend to the growing number. Sending one last look of concern in Anthony’s direction, Ophelia strode towards the new arrivals with tricorder firmly in hand.

After spending a moment helping to field various types of injuries to different parts of Sickbay, hoping to prioritize biobeds for the most grievously wounded, Ophelia moved to the side of the nearest biobed. “Plasma burns. Mostly second degree, but some third,” she said following a quick but thorough scan of the crewmember, and she was already turning on her heel to reach for another hypospray and dermal regenerator when she heard her name called with some urgency. With one last assessing look at the woman, Ophelia handed both pieces of equipment to the nurse beside her. “I leave this in your capable hands," she said with a grim smile before striding away again.


A Joint Mission Post by:

Lieutenant Ophelia Lysander, MD
Chief Medical Officer
USS Yorktown

Dr. Anthony Haelen (PNPC)
Assistant Chief Medical Officer
USS Yorktown
Played by: Capt Naros


Assorted Crewmembers (NPCs)
Played by: Lt Lysander


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