In Over Their Heads...

Posted on Fri Dec 27th, 2013 @ 10:52am by Captain Tobias Naros & Major Drake Lexon & Lieutenant Amanda Owens & Lieutenant Susan Halton & 1st Lieutenant Gregory Pent & Ensign Zach Winter

Mission: Episode 1.3 - "...Is a Friend in Deed"
Location: Phantom Starfighters
Timeline: Mission Day 04, 0826 Hours

ON: [[Main Shuttlebay, USS Yorktown, Mission Day 04, 0826 Hours]]

Susan (PNPC) jerked awake at the sound of the alarm. It had been a long time since she'd heard that particular tone, but her reflexes were so tuned to it that she was already halfway into her jumpsuit before her conscious mind recognized the emergency call to scramble fighters. She finished getting dressed as she headed for the door, feeling a rising thrill. Finally, some action! she thought as she ran for the hangar.

Drake (PNPC) got to the hangar just as Susan did. "What's up, Sir?" she asked him.

"Not entirely sure," Drake said as they diverged towards their waiting Phantoms. Pent (NPC) and Winter (NPC) were already in their cockpits and running up their engines. "Some sort of raid."

"Whatever it is, it's some real action," Susan said as she dropped into her seat and keyed for a quick startup. She saw a flashing signal on her comm board. "Looks like Miss Owens is online." They had been drilling with the Assistant Sec/Tac chief and had gotten used to her coordinating the squadron from the Yorktown.

=/\= Phantom Three, standing by for launch, =/\= Pent reported over the squadron comm.

=/\= Phantom Four online and ready to rock, =/\= Winter said.

"Two, lit and in the green," Susan said, settling her hands in their familiar position on the control yoke. "Ready to burn some pirates."

=/\= Alright, we are go for launch, =/\= Drake said. =/\= Head out and form up in pattern delta-five. =/\=

The four Phantoms rose from the deck and shot out into space. Immediately, they peeled away around the hull of the Yorktown to break up their launch signature before returning to the loose pattern Drake had called for.

=/\= Bridge to Major Lexon, =/\= Captain Naros said, =/\= I think it's time we see what the Phantoms are capable of. =/\=

=/\= With pleasure, Sir, =/\= Drake said. =/\= Do you have a preference for where you want us to spread their hull fragments? =/\=

=/\=I leave that up to your discretion, Major,=/\= Naros replied, =/\= Our primary duty is to protect the convoy. =/\=

=/\= Acknowledged, =/\= Drake said. =/\= Moving to cover the convoy. Be back in about ten minutes. =/\= There was a click as he switched to the squadron frequency. =/\= Alright, pilots, you heard him. Let's get to work. =/\=

The four fighters arced back along the convoy, coming up on what amounted to the raiders’ blind spots. The raiders were fast, but the Phantoms were faster – and had much smaller sensor profiles.

Susan winced as she brought her Phantom into the drive wash of one of the raiders. Not only did it disrupt some of her fighter’s systems, her own wake in the wash could increase her risk of being noticed. On her port side, she saw Lexon’s fighter slide up behind the raider. Locking her pulse phasers onto the raider, Susan settled her fingers delicately on the triggers.

Suddenly, the other raider abruptly exploded. Susan swore and tightened her fingers, but her own target was already kicking into full impulse. Normally the Phantoms could still outmaneuver the raider, but the sudden increase in drive wash knocked the Phantoms off-course.

“Stupid kid,” Susan muttered viciously, breaking away from her pursuit so she could lose any lock the raider might have formed. “Why do we even have Winter out here, anyway? Just because the kid’s a good flyer doesn’t mean he’s ready for the Phantoms.”

=/\= Good shot, Four, but you should have waited, =/\= Drake said over the comms. =/\= Don’t worry, we can still take him. Standby for Formation Alpha-Six with… =/\=

[tag – Owens, Yang Zutal]

Susan bit back another curse. “Forget this guy,” she said of the raider. “That’s a Yang Zutal warship!”

=/\= Negative, =/\= Drake said. =/\= Our mission is to protect the convoy. =/\=

=/\= One raider isn’t worth four Phantoms,=/\= Winter said. =/\= I’m moving in to help the Yorktown. =/\=

=/\= Four, the Yorktown can handle herself, =/\= Drake said firmly. =/\= I am ordering you to stay on that raider. =/\=

Susan rolled her fighter in time to see the briefest flare as a near-invisible ship launched a pair of micro-torpedoes. “Idiot,” she muttered. She clicked her comm. “Major, that kid’s going to ruin a brand-new fighter. I’m going after him.”

=/\= Alright, =/\= Drake replied. =/\= Three, stay with me. Two, be careful – fighters aren’t meant to take on capital ships. =/\=

Rolling again, Susan sped towards the new threat. Marking the latest position of Winter’s micro-torpedo launch, Susan guessed at his trajectory and plotted an intercept. Over her comms, she heard Owens order the fighters to fall back, but Drake handled it so Susan could focus on getting to Winter.

“Come on, kid, where are you?” Susan muttered, searching for another micro-torpedo launch. The Phantoms’ greatest advantage were sometimes also their greatest downfall – they couldn’t reform unless they broadcast their locations.

=/\= AH! =/\= Winter suddenly yelled, and Susan saw his fighter tumbling through space as something seemed to bore into it.

=/\= Eject, Four, =/\= Owens said, calmly but with underlying tension. =/\= Get clear of the fighter. It’s not worth your life. =/\=

Susan dove in as she saw the canopy of Winter’s fighter blow open and his ejection seat fly out. “He’s out,” Susan started to report, angling close. “Moving to–” Winter’s doomed fighter detonated, and with an explosion far beyond what Susan expected. It slammed into her fighter, and she scrambled to eject. She felt the hard punch of the ejector launch, and then a second impact as a piece of debris slammed into the ejector assembly. A moment later, everything went black.


A Joint Mission Post by:

Lieutenant Susan Halton (PNPC)
Pilot, Phantom Squadron
Played By: LT CMDR Thompson

Major Drake Lexon (PNPC)
Squadron Leader, Phantom Squadron
Played By: LT CMDR Thompson

1st LT Gregory Pent (PNPC)
Pilot, Phantom Squadron
Played By: LT CMDR Thompson

Ensign Zach Winter (PNPC)
Pilot, Phantom Squadron
Played By: LT CMDR Thompson

Captain Tobias Naros
Commanding Officer
USS Yorktown