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Interrupted Concerns

Posted on Thu Sep 19th, 2013 @ 8:02pm by Captain Tobias Naros & Ensign Azur Vaer & Lieutenant Commander Xavier Nor'el & Lieutenant Commander Joseph Thompson & Lieutenant Torin Drell & Lieutenant Ophelia Lysander & Lieutenant Aniela Darvetti & Lieutenant Mikaela Breland

Mission: Episode 1.3 - "...Is a Friend in Deed"
Location: Observation Lounge, USS Yorktown
Timeline: Mission Day 04, 0800 Hours

ON: [[Observation Lounge, USS Yorktown, Mission Day 04, 0800 Hours]]

Mikaela (PNPC) walked into the observation lounge, PADD in hand. Since becoming Acting Chief Engineer after the departure of Robert, she had been fairly busy. Of course, that hadn't stopped her from taking a little time off, but afterwards she'd been working with Torin from Operations as well as Aniela to incorporate a few of the strategies they'd used previously. Since their journey had been underway, her duties had gotten more complicated due to engine troubles the Cardassians were suffering... After glancing around, she took a seat facing the doors and sat her PADD on the table in front of her. Mikaela activated it and re-read over the information while she waited.

The familiar hiss of the door mechanism was all it took for Tobias to realize he was no longer the only occupant of the observation lounge. Arriving early had always been a habit of his over the years, but as his responsibilities had grown, it had become increasingly difficult to maintain that routine. Now it was one he was trying to resurrect.

Tobias waited as the individual made their way along one side of the table, took a seat, and set aside what sounded like a standard PADD before turning away from the large viewports. "Good morning, lieutenant," the El-Aurian said with a smile, "I trust you had a good night's rest?"

Looking over at the Captain as he addressed her, Mikaela replied, "Good morning, sir. I had as good a night's rest as one can expect considering the circumstances. And you, Captain?"

"Well enough, I suppose," Tobias answered, crossing the short distance between the viewports and his usual place at the head of the table in only a few strides, "Convoy duty may leave more than a few of us feeling restless, but I've found reading to be a most enjoyable method of passing the time."

Mikaela nodded, "Convoy duty can...have its challenges. I imagine you've read about some of those in my reports." Since the Cardassians began having engine problems, she'd been sure to include what she knew in her reports.

Having stopped by Ophelia's quarters to head to the meeting together, Aniela and the doctor arrived at the same time. Thus far, the Science Chief had mostly been keeping an eye on scanning the area around them and was collecting data. In one hand, she held a cappuccino, in the other, a PADD. She glanced over at Ophelia and pointed towards the two seats in front of them before sitting in the one on the left.

With her own PADD in one hand and drink in another—her drink of choice was Earl Grey tea as opposed to coffee—Ophelia nodded and smiled at Aniela’s choice in seating. As the doctor began to settle herself in a chair, she sucked in a quiet breath when the hot tea sloshed over the mug’s rim, all but burning her fingers in the process. Giving Aniela a vaguely annoyed look at her own clumsiness, she muttered, “It’s my professional opinion that I’ve scalded my fingers. So much for being graceful.”

Aniela stifled a chuckle, "Well, at least you're a doctor. You can treat yourself without having to go to the doctor to report it. Besides, I'm sure everyone's spilled something from time to time. Do you need me to get you anything?"

"You make a good point," Ophelia smiled. Worst case scenario, she happened to know where all the dermal regenerators were kept in Sickbay, though it didn't seem that bad at all. At worst, it was really more of a minor annoyance at the moment than a true injury. "I think I'll live, but thanks for your offer of help. Next time, I order my tea warm instead of boiling hot," she chuckled quietly.

The door hissed open again and Joe stepped into the room. Though he wasn't quite late, Joe wasn't exactly happy that he hadn't arrived sooner. Unfortunately, problems with what should have been a routine early-morning security drill had set him back more than he had expected. Still, he was here now, and there was no point in dwelling on perceived lateness. Choosing an empty chair at random, Joe circled the table and sat down.

Azur (PNPC) could not help feeling a little nervous as he approached the door to the Observation Lounge. This was not the first time the young Trill had been asked to step up as acting representative for his department. The recent departure of Lieutenants Blackfur and McCloud had left the Flight Control department without clear leadership. While one might have expected Major Lexon (PNPC) to have assumed responsibility for the department simply due to his rank and experience, that responsibility had fallen on Azur instead.

The door opened and Azur was somewhat relieved to see he was neither the first nor the last person to arrive. He paused just inside the threshold to survey the room before moving purposefully toward an open seat only a few chairs down from the Chief Security/Tactical Officer.

At the sound of the door opening once again, Mikaela looked up to see who had entered. Azur, who was apparently now the Chief Flight Control Officer for the Yorktown...or at least the Acting Chief. He was essentially in the same position as her - the former chief was transferred off and someone needed to fill the spot in the meantime. She offered him a nod as he took a seat.

Xavier stepped in through the door with a PaDD in one hand going over the previous days status reports. In the other hand he held a glass of tea that he was sipping on while glancing at the report. He noticed that he was one of the last people to enter the conference room and nodded to all those who turned to see who was entering the room. Xavier quickly moved to his seat in preperation for the meeting to begin.

"Ladies and gentlemen...good morning," Tobias began, calling the meeting to order by surveying each member of his senior staff, "I'm sure we are all familiar with the routine by now, so let us begin...Mister Nor'el?"

Looking towards the Captain, Xavier replied, "Sir, everything seems to be relatively normal at the present."

Aniela glanced over at the Executive Officer as he spoke, waiting for him to finish and nod to her, signaling that she could give her report. "We recently ran into an ion storm which forced us to alter course. The course that we had to take has brought us much closer to the Black Cluster than we originally planned, which also means that we've had to keep a closer eye on spatial anomalies. Luckily we've not encountered anything yet, but I suspect we may."

"Scans taken overnight revealed vulnerabilities in the Cardassian's systems," Torin spoke up when his turn came to speak. "It seems that their technology isn't adequately shielded for travel in this region of space and a number of their systems have been negatively affected by their proximity to the Black cluster and-or the nearby Ion Storm. I believe Lieutenant Breland has been working on the details..."

Nodding to confirm what her colleague said, Mikaela explained the situation further, "Lieutenant Drell is correct. Our course change and the ion storm itself have affected the Cardassian systems more than I would normally expect. Of particular concern are the propulsion systems."

"We've had to reduce speed three times in the last forty-eight hours," Azur said, speaking up for the first time since having entered the room, "The Yorktown seems to be handling well. Our navigation and propulsion remain largely unaffected, but as Lieutenant Breland pointed out...the Cardassians haven't been so lucky."

Tobias considered this information carefully. The decision to alter their heading had not been an easy one. Numerous reports of pirate activity in the region were more than enough reason to be concerned about their proximity to the Black Cluster, to say nothing of the natural interference produced by the gravimetric anomalies. Circumventing the storm, however, remained a much preferable option than attempting to pass directly through it. "How have we been working to solve the issue," he asked.

"I have a team monitoring their systems so we can try to pinpoint some adjustments that will help. We've been analyzing data for several hours now and I'm hoping to have a further update on it within the hour. After that, it will hopefully just require a few adjustments on their part, but if you'd prefer, I can put a team together to put them in place," Mikaela answered Tobias.

"We're doing our best to keep on a sharp lookout for threats to the convoy," Joe said. "With our decreased speed, we're at greater risk from reported pirates in the area. I don't anticipate many problems for the Yorktown herself, but the Cardassian vessels are less easy to defend."

“Your concern is duly noted, commander,” Tobias assured his Chief Security/Tactical Officer, “and we certainly took that into account when we decided upon this course of action. I’m afraid we’re just going to have to…”

The rest of the El-Aurian’s sentence was suddenly drowned out by the blaring sound of the Red Alert klaxon. It was so unexpected that many of those seated around the table were started by the noise. A look from Tobias was all it took for the members of his senior staff to rise from their seats and begin moving toward the exits. Their concern that something was about to happen might very well have just been confirmed…


A Joint Mission Post by:

Captain Tobias Naros
Commanding Officer
USS Yorktown

Lieutenant Commander Xavier Nor’el
Executive Officer
USS Yorktown

Lieutenant Commander Joseph Thompson
Chief Security/Tactical Officer & Second Officer
USS Yorktown

Lieutenant Torin Drell
Chief Operations Officer
USS Yorktown

Lieutenant Aniela Darvetti
Chief Science Officer
USS Yorktown

Lieutenant Ophelia Lysander, MD
Chief Medical Officer
USS Yorktown

Lieutenant Mikaela Breland (PNPC)
Acting Chief Engineering Officer
USS Yorktown
Played by: Lt. Darvetti


Ensign Azur Vaer (PNPC)
Flight Control Officer
USS Yorktown
Played by: Capt Naros


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