Captain's Log: "A Friend in Need..."

Posted on Fri Mar 1st, 2013 @ 6:42pm by Captain Tobias Naros

ON: [[Ready Room, USS Yorktown, Mission Day 01, 1138 Hours]]

Captain's log, Stardate 65700.8. The Yorktown has arrived at Cardassia Prime where the Detapa Council will soon be considering a motion to provide relief and medical aid to the Romulan Star Empire. While the exact details of what transpired during the final days of the Dominion War are not well known, few can deny the people of the Cardassian Union were among those who experienced its worst effects. Their apparent willingness to offer up such valuable supplies at a time when instability and uncertainty seem to be lurking just beyond the horizon presents a most promising opportunity for cross-cultural cooperation.

Our purpose will be to assist the Federation negotiating team in supporting the passage of this bill. At this point, however, I do not believe that will require much effort on the part of most ship's personnel which is why I have asked every department head to submit revised duty rosters. Castellan Ertal has graciously offered the hospitality of his word for the benefit of the Yorktown crew and I would be remiss in my responsibility to those under my command if I did not allow them some time to engage in shoreleave or recreational activities.

We are still coming together as a crew and, while every man and woman aboard this vessel performed most admirably in our encounter with the entity known as Legion, I have no doubt there are some who still feel unsettled by the nature of our journey from Starbase 386. My own experience with members of the Q Continuum has been both limited and diverse. While I am not particularly eager to involve myself or this crew in another such encounter, the fact we were able to make a positive impression on Q Junior would seem to have been worth the effort. I can only hope he will find the strength to overcome what others expect of him and live into who he feels called to be.


Captain Tobias Naros
Commanding Officer
USS Yorktown NCC-88288