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Wondering Thoughts

Posted on Fri Jan 11th, 2013 @ 2:17pm by Lieutenant JG Miranda Blackfur

Time: During the Briefing

Text Log::

It had been a long day, so far, with the ship sitting in the Golden Discontinuity, Flight crews are getting antsy from being hyper alert, watching both main view screen, scanners on the helm console, making minor adjustments to the ebb and flow of the Golden Discontinuity enviroment around the ship.

With the arrival of the Asteriod, this Intruder aboard the ship is probaly relieved that he's not center of attention anymore with the arrival of the Asteriod. Wonder what going through his mind at the moment, having to face off a bunch of hostility even though he did save our tails from that Sphere. I give him kudoes for that. Billions upon billions of parsecs... well not that much. We've been moved instantiously 6 light years from where we met the obstruction in our route to Cardasia.

He has that cute youthful look about him and putting up a brave front amongst the hostilities right now. Bet even thankful for the diverson and respite from the moment of being interrogated.

Wonder what his real name is? "Q" Just a letter? What do they call females of his caliber? Q-ette? Cute!!

End Log


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