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Preparing to Face Challenges

Posted on Sun Sep 2nd, 2012 @ 3:49pm by Captain Tobias Naros

ON: [[Ready Room, USS Yorktown, Mission Day 00, 0748]]

"Challenges come so we can grow and be prepared for things we are not equipped to handle now." - Iyanla Vanzant

We live in very uncertain times. The past two years have brought a great deal of upheaval throughout the Alpha and Beta Quadrants which threatens to drastically alter the balance even moreso than the Elyshan Cold War ever had. Although the Elyshans have retreated within their own borders following defeats at Starbase 386 and Starbase Gatekeeper, the Federation finds itself struggling to support the ailing Romulan Star Empire while holding back those who would seek to take advantage of the Romulans' weakened state. This has placed a great burden on the shoulders of the Federation that has been most evident in the drain upon both manpower and resources available.

It has been two weeks since I first assumed command of the USS Yorktown and I continue to be pleasantly surprised by the efforts of this crew to prepare her for whatever unknown challenges might lie ahead. The need for personnel and resources to deal with ongoing issues within the Romulan Empire has made it difficult for us to muster a full crew compliment or the supply inventory I might have preferred, yet I remain confident in our ability to carry out our assignment to the fullest measure.

The Yorktown has been ordered to depart Starbase 386 for Cardassia Prime within the next thirty-six hours. A Starfleet negotiating team has been working with members of the ruling Detapa Council to draft a resolution which would provide six transports full of relief and medical supplies to be used in aiding several of the ailing Romulan colonies along the Neutral Zone. Admiral Olivia Tavez (PNPC) has informed me our responsibility in this matter will be to observe the final deliberations and, assuming all goes as planned, escort the Cardassian transports through Federation space to Deep Space Four where they will then be distributed amongst several relief convoys bound for Romulan space.

This marks a significant step for the Cardassian people. Prior to the Dominion War, the Cardassians were known for their harsh governmental control, ruthless occupation of the Bajoran homeworld, and oppression of those worlds along the former Demiliterized Zone. They certainly would not have even thought of offering their own support or resources to aid another power in time of need. Yet it would seem something new has indeed risen from the ashes of destruction and it would be in our best interests to see that this new life is fostered in its growth.

Starfleet Command seems confident of the resolution's success and our responsibility to escort the relief convoy across Federation space. They have asked us to take on four Phantom-class Multi-Role Assault Fighters for advanced field testing. The Legacy-class was never really designed for long-term support of starfighter operations and I have a feeling doing so even on a temporary basis will be a new experience for many. Major Drake Lexon (PNPC) and the members of his unit should be arriving within the hour. I plan on working with the major to better understand his expectations for this assignment before including my own senior staff in developing a suitable, if only temporary, arrangement for servicing these fighters.

Who knows what challenges may lie ahead?


Captain Tobias Naros
Commanding Officer
USS Yorktown NCC-88288


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