Picking Up The Pieces

Posted on Thu Aug 30th, 2012 @ 6:56pm by Lieutenant Commander Xavier Nor'el

-Computer Begin Log-

After the last few assignments I've been on I'm starting to wonder if I'm somehow doomed to continually get reassigned after a short amount of time. The only assignment I've held with any real length was the U.S.S Dalton until she was destroyed. Then I moved with the crew to the U.S.S Aeon but that didn't last long as the planned mission to head to the still largely unexplored Delta Quadrant was put on permanent hold just before departure.

Next up I moved to the U.S.S Congo which most of that assignment is still classified. Suffice it to say that it didn't last long and it cannot be talked about other than that.

From there I went to the U.S.S Atlantis as the Executive Officer and before that mission ever got under way the ship was recalled back to space dock and all the crew was reassigned. No real explanation has yet to be given as to why that occurred.

While I'm certainly weary of the constant assignment changes that occur shortly after being assigned I am looking forward to the opportunity thats been presented by joining the U.S.S Yorktown and working with Captain Tobias Naros and his crew.

I guess only time will tell as to how long this assignment lasts. However it goes I'll certainly do what I can to make the best of it.

-Computer End Log-

Lieutenant Commander Xavier Nor'el
Executive Officer
USS Yorktown