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Lieutenant Mikaela Breland

Name Mikaela Breland

Position Assistant Chief Engineering Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Date of Birth January 12, 2357

Physical Appearance

Height 5'5"
Weight 122lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Mikaela has blue eyes that sometimes seem to have a bit of light green in them. She prefers to leave her long, caramel-colored hair down, but pulls it back out of the way while on duty.


Spouse N/A
Children N/A
Father Dominic Breland (born 2333)
Mother Kylie Breland (born 2334)
Brother(s) Christian Breland (born 2359) – Location Unknown
Sister(s) None
Other Family

Personality & Traits

General Overview A light-hearted, caring person, Mikaela makes friends fast and is able to bring a smile to peoples' faces without even trying. Her good sense of humor and supportive ways make her easy to talk to. Somehow Mikaela manages to find herself in the midst of trouble or mischief, sometimes of her own doing, especially when she gets bored. Luckily, she has also become quite adept at getting herself out of said trouble. She's always willing to lend a helping hand and is quite determined to accomplish whatever she sets out to do.
Strengths & Weaknesses
Hobbies & Interests Whenever she gets a chance, Mikaela tries to find out what happened to her brother, but thus far has had no luck. Mikaela tends to enjoy mysteries and figuring things out - how they work, why they work, etc. Though she does enjoy the holodeck, she would be more likely to be found in the company of her friends. Creative, with a vivid imagination, Mikaela also enjoys reading. From time to time she'll play guitar or some other instruments, though she isn't exceptionally good at any particular one of them.
Languages Federation Standard

Personal History Mikaela was born on January 12, 2357 to Kylie and Dominic Breland, the eldest of two children. Kylie and Dominic met at Starfleet Academy, concentrating in counseling and engineering, respectfully. They became close, beginning a relationship during their second year of the Academy, and were married just before their last year. Upon graduation, they applied to join the USS Cheyenne together and were soon accepted. A few years later, Mikaela was born, followed closely by her brother, Christian.

As the two children were close in age, they were very close while growing up. One of their favorite activities was exploring the ship. Though they were not granted free reign to roam around the entire ship, Mikaela and Christian would sometimes use the jeffries tubes to get from one place to another without being seen. This ended for the most part once they began their schooling aboard the Cheyenne.

In schooling, Mikaela was found to excel in mathematics and science. This didn't surprise her parents as they would often return to their quarters to find some form of equipment or electronics disassembled, parts lying all over the floor, Mikaela in the middle of the chaos. After tearing things apart to see how they worked, Dominic would help his daughter reassemble them. Christian too enjoyed technical things, mainly repairing them though and paid close attention to detail. At times he would drag his sister into the Holodeck, having her join him in Zero-G games and a few piloting programs that piqued his interest.
Service Record Academy:
When she was old enough, Mikaela expressed her interest in joining StarFleet to become an Engineering Officer, which her parents supported. Her knack for getting into mischief continued, though it was generally nothing too serious and didn't detract from her studying. Her determined nature impressed her teachers, and she did well, staying in the top fourth of her class throughout her Academy days. One of her favorite aspects of engineering was Damage Control, which she took several courses in. Mika found it exhilarating to have to find out what was wrong, and then find a way to fix it. Mikaela graduated from the Academy in the top ten students of her class.

After graduating, Mikaela was assigned to the USS Vela as a Damage Control Officer. She was glad she would be able to concentrate on her favorite area of engineering and warmed up to the job nicely. While there, she met Kilana Nira, an Engineering Mate. Though Kilana was several years older than Mika, the two became close friends. Kilana's more soft-spoken nature and Mikaela's friendly, more outgoing natured complimented each other well.

A few months after her assignment, Mikaela learned troubling news about her brother from her parents. After she had gone to StarFleet, Christian had met Captain Brendan Yorlin, the commander of the freighter, SS Firestorm while the Cheyenne was docked at Starbase 79. It seemed the Firestorm was in need of crew, and after discussing it with Captain Yorlin, who said he could be trained while on board, Chris decided to join. He'd been doing well, and sent messages to his parents every so often, until one day they were contacted by Captain Yorlin. While on the way to a colony on Virak II, the Firestorm was attacked by an Orion pirate ship. Several of the crew were captured, including Christian.

Mikaela was devastated by the news, as were her parents. She developed a strong dislike of Orions in general, and hoped to one day be able to find her brother. Kilana could empathize with Mikaela, having a sister who had been captured by Cardassians, and offered to help in whatever way she could. Thus far the two have had no luck in locating Christian.

Mikaela's assignment on the Phantom did not last long, as Captain Gorman took ill with an unknown disease. The Phantom returned to Earth, where he was admitted into one of the best hospitals. As the Phantom was scheduled for shoreleave anyway, the crew merely remained on Earth, anxiously awaiting news of their commanding officer. A week later, Captain Gorman died. The crew was understandably shaken, and looked to each other for comfort. As StarFleet did not feel the Executive Officer was quite ready to take command, and since the Phantom was undergoing a refit anyway, it was decided that the crew would be reassigned.

At that time, Mikaela and Kilana were assigned to different ships, though they did try to keep in touch. Mikaela was assigned to the Sovereign-class USS Hale under Rear Admiral Nerwal. She became fast friends with the Chief Engineering Officer, Kemm Heral; the two women seemed to make a good team. The ship had some…oddities; the holodeck, for instance, never seemed to function properly which led to Mikaela being called there numerous times for repairs. The replicators also seemed to act up rather frequently.

During her time there she also developed a friendship with Jason Barrett, the Chief Operations Officer and was in a relationship with Fenton Kroll. Though Fenton did his best to be supportive of her – particularly in her search for her brother, Mikaela ultimately ended the relationship. A number of the friends she had made were slowly transferred elsewhere the last six months she was there and, when she heard that Kilana was going to be transferred to another ship, Mikaela decided to put in a transfer request as well.

The two friends requested to be assigned to the same ship, and received word a few days later that they would be joining the crew of the USS Sentinel under Commodore James Lange.

Mikaela performed well aboard the ship and was glad to be assigned there with Kilana. Early on, she made friends with Rhys Monroe, the CFCO. When docked at a Starbase, the two had a few too many Scotty's Totties and ended up painting neon pink and green eyes on the Sentinel's hull.

After that Mikaela tried to concentrate more on her duties and her friendships with the other engineers. She became close friends with many of them, which made the loss of most of her department during a Borg attack quite difficult. During the mission, the Sentinel was overtaken by the Borg and had to be destroyed.

After the destruction of the Sentinel, the remaining crew was transferred to the USS Peacekeeper. This too would be a short assignment, but not due to the loss of the ship. After only one mission aboard the Peacekeeper, Captain Lange was assigned as Commanding Officer of Starbase 386, where most of the Peacekeeper crew also transferred.

Though not entirely sure about serving aboard a Starbase, Mikaela promised Kilana to give it a try. Captain Lange promoted her to Lieutenant and gave her dual positions - Shipyard Foreman and Damage Control Officer for the Starbase.

During her time on Starbase 386, Mikaela spent most of her time and energy with her shipyard duties. Although there was a standoff, most of the repairs needed were routine maintenance and didn’t require much of her attention. It was good that that was the case, as she quickly found that she would have her hands full as shipyard foreman. Mikaela managed her own department of sorts – assigning the shipyard engineers to assist with repairs and refits for vessels that came to the starbase.

While she did enjoy the extra responsibilities she had been given aboard Starbase 386 and though it was nice to have a planet nearby to go to for vacations, Mikaela found that she missed regularly being in space on a starship. So, when Kilana left Starbase 386 to go on a sabbatical, Mikaela requested a transfer to a ship and was soon assigned to the USS Yorktown.

2375-2379: StarFleet Academy
2379-2380: USS Vela (Nebula class) – Damage Control Officer, Ensign
2380-2382: USS Hale (Sovereign Class) – Damage Control Officer, Ensign/Lieutenant JG
2382-2384: USS Sentinel (Intrepid Class) – Damage Control Officer, Lieutenant JG
2384-2386: USS Peacekeeper (Intrepid Class) – Damage Control Officer, Lieutenant JG
2386-2388: Starbase 386 (Nor Class) – Damage Control Officer/Shipyard Foreman, Lieutenant
2388-Present: USS Yorktown (Legacy Class) – Assistant Chief Engineering Officer, Lieutenant