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Lieutenant Aniela Darvetti

Name Aniela Darvetti

Position Chief Science Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Date of Birth July 7, 2354

Physical Appearance

Height 5'6"
Weight 118lbs
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Aniela is 5'6" tall, weighing 118lbs. She has brown eyes and long brown hair, which she sometimes wears straight and sometimes allows to be slightly curly. Although she may not look very intimidating, she has a strong physical presence and stays in good shape.


Spouse N/A
Children N/A
Father Dante Darvetti (Born 2325)
Mother Carlina Darvetti (Born 2329)
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None
Other Family

Personality & Traits

General Overview Although somewhat quiet and shy when first meeting new people, she opens up quickly and makes friends easily. She is easy going with a good sense of humor. Fiercely loyal, Aniela will do anything for her friends and those she cares about. She dislikes confrontations in general, but will speak up if she feels something is not right.
Strengths & Weaknesses
Hobbies & Interests Aniela loves history and enjoys collecting items from the past. She also likes to paint, write, read, and sing in her free time. Aniela enjoys going to the Holodeck, visiting her parents and family in Italy, and keeping current in her hand to hand combat. Her grandparents are close to her heart, and it is one of her only regrets that she isn't able to see them more often.
Languages Federation Standard, Italian

Personal History Aniela is an only child who was born on July 7, 2354 and raised in Italy on Earth. Her mother works as a doctor and her father is an engineer for StarFleet. She was lucky enough to grow up in a home with two loving parents that encouraged her and her curiosity. Even as a small child Aniela had a love for learning and exploring.

Overall, her childhood was normal, though she sometimes envied her friends who had siblings. Aniela, being a rather shy child, tended to have just a few very close friends that she spent time with. One of her best friends was Lucia; when they were young the girls' favorite pasttime was exploring - anywhere they could.

As Aniela grew older, her parents taught her about their professions and science. Being the only child, she'd grown up being treated more like an adult than a child - Aniela's parents regularly engaged her in discussions about their professions and the Federation. When Lucia came over to visit, she'd join in on the discussions as well - she found the conversations interesting.

Aniela loved looking at the stars and dreamed of one day being able to explore them; her favorite subject in high school was Science, unsurprisingly. She'd heard stories from her grandfather and one of her uncles about being officers in StarFleet, and felt it would be a rewarding experience, not to mention give her a great opportunity to use her skills and love of Science. Once she graduated from high school, she applied for and was accepted into StarFleet Academy.
Service Record Academy:
At the Academy Aniela did well. She took classes in various disciplines, to help broaden her skills, though her main concentration was in Science. Also, Aniela took various Tactical and self defense classes, wanting to be prepared for any situation that arose. She excelled in her Science courses and also did well in her basic medical and engineering courses - mostly due to the knowledge her parents passed to her. Much of Aniela's time in the Academy was devoted to her studies, but she also made some good friends while there.

Her first two years in Academy were somewhat lonely; Aniela missed having Lucia around. They would try to visit during Aniela's breaks from Academy and Lucia's breaks from college - she was studying to be a teacher. In her third year, however, Aniela met a young Trill named Darija NaVer. Darija made the first steps to beginning their friendship, feeling a little lonely without her twin around. To Aniela, Darija was a captive audience to her stories and a good listener in general. She could tell that the Trill felt ashamed about not being able to receive a symbiont, and left out since her twin was able to be joined, so she suggested that Darija take some counseling courses.

The two had a more difficult time keeping in touch while Aniela was on her cadet cruise; Darija was two years behind her and still doing coursework. They were glad to see each other again upon Aniela's return and were able to reconnect. Aniela finally graduated fifth in her class at the age of 22 with a specialization in spatial and subspace anomalies.

Fresh out of the Academy, Aniela joined the USS Cherokee as a Science Officer. The majority of the crew were experienced officers, leaving Aniela to feel somewhat out of place. For the most part, she kept to herself, but gradually made a few friends - mostly those who were persistent in trying to get to know her. During one of their missions, the Cherokee was exposed to a subspace rift; Aniela, remembering her training at the Academy, provided her knowledge which helped the ship escape from the rift. After her assistance, she was promoted to Lieutenant JG and was reassigned as Spatial Anomalies Officer.

A few years later Aniela, at the recommendation of the Cherokee's Chief Science Officer, was transferred to the USS Soulwolf as they were in need of an Assistant Chief Science Officer. The crew was a good bunch and she quickly felt at ease. One of the Senior Officers, Brul Unger, was a rather gruff, abrupt man who'd never fully recovered from the Dominion War. Aniela took it upon herself to befriend him and try to help him, but it was a difficult process and she never fully succeeded as the Soulwolf was disbanded after she'd been on the ship for only two missions. Captain West had been sent to fulfill other duties, leaving the crew to be transferred to other ships where they were needed.

Aniela was transferred to the USS Cataria as Assistant Chief Science Officer fairly quickly. At first, being aboard was rather routine - very similar to the first ship she'd been on. After Aniela had been aboard for about a year, a new Chief Science Officer transferred in, creating tension amongst the Science Department members. Though she was usually able to get along with nearly anyone, the new Chief Science Officer seemed to particularly dislike her. He would regularly take credit for ideas she had suggested and tried to make her seem incompetent.

After dealing with the situation for a while and seeing no good resolution in sight, Aniela heard that Darija was being assigned to the USS Sentinel; she found out that the Science department on the Sentinel was in need of some good officers, and put in for a transfer there. The first mission proved to be disastrous and the crew was disbanded quickly thereafter.

After a brief period of time, Aniela was assigned to the USS Orlando. While waiting to rendezvous with her ship on Starbase 386, the Elyshans came, threatening the station. Aniela was asked to serve aboard the USS Peacekeeper as Acting Chief Science Officer during the standoff, which ended without a shot fired.

The Orlando took shoreleave on Starbase 386 and Aldani IV. It was at this time that Aniela first met the Excelsior class ship’s Commanding Officer, Quinn Androski, and its Executive Officer, Tobias Naros. Being able to meet the command staff, as well as most of the rest of crew during shoreleave was a nice change from what usually happened – transferring right before the ship left for a mission and trying to mesh with the crew under pressure.

Aniela’s first true mission with the USS Orlando was unlike anything she had done before. Though initially assigned to patrol the Romulan Neutral Zone, their orders soon changed when the Romulans contacted StarFleet, informing them that Praetor Tal’aura had been assassinated. Aniela assisted the away team in investigating the crime scene forensically to figure out what had happened. Though the party responsible was supposedly found, Aniela refuses to discuss the final conclusions they came to, noting to anyone who asks that the reports have been classified.

Shortly after the mission, Aniela requested a transfer to Deep Space 8 as their Spatial Anomalies Officer. The position mostly involved research of the nearby Taevon Expanse. Serving a station was quite different than serving on a ship, Aniela found. Though the crew was a constant, there were always other people and ships passing through… Having restaurants and shops readily available was another perk, in her opinion. Mostly though it was refreshing to have time to concentrate on studying one major anomaly; she was able to devote herself fully to the project.

After some initial research, Aniela was able to go out into the Expanse with one of DS8’s garrison vessels, the Nova-class USS Draper. The ship was able to collect additional data during its forays into the area. Although they were able to make some progress, it was slow going due to the challenges they faced.

Near the end of 2388, Aniela received orders to report to the USS Yorktown, a Legacy-class vessel, as Chief Science Officer. Though disappointed that she wouldn’t be able to regularly study the Taevon Expanse to continue her work, she realized that she did miss having the chance to find new anomalies and mostly welcomed the change. To her surprise, the Yorktown’s Commanding Officer was none other than the former Executive Officer on the USS Orlando, Tobias Naros.

2372-2377: StarFleet Academy/Cadet Cruise
2377-2379: USS Cherokee, Science Officer
2379-2382: USS Cherokee, Spatial Anomalies Officer
2382-2383: USS Soulwolf, Assistant Chief Science Officer
2383-2385: USS Cataria, Assistant Chief Science Officer
2385: USS Sentinel, Chief Science Officer
2386-2387: USS Orlando, Chief Science Officer
2387-2388: Deep Space 8, Spatial Anomalies Officer
2388-Present: USS Yorktown, Chief Science Officer