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Lieutenant Commander Robert Hogan

Name Robert E Hogan

Position Chief Engineering Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Date of Birth July 1, 2347

Physical Appearance

Height 5'10"
Weight 180
Hair Color Sandy Brown
Eye Color Hazel
Physical Description Robert is of average height but is muscular in build, as a Starfleet officer should be. He keeps clean shaven, though sometimes he sports a mustache for a few weeks when the mood strikes him.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Jerry Robert Hogan
Mother Maria Rabb Hogan
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None
Other Family Robert is first cousin to Jason and Jordan Rabb, and second cousin to Stacy Rabb, members of the infamous Rabb family in Horizon Fleet.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Robert has the ability to remain calm when all those around are running like a chicken with its head cut off. Robert has a knack for doing the impossible and pulling a rabbit out of his hat, so to speak. Robert is a laid back kind of person who views Starfleet as necessary to maintain peace in the galaxy.
Strengths & Weaknesses Robert is really loyal to his friends and colleagues as well as Starfleet. Robert has always maintained an open door policy with his subordinates and goes the extra mile to support his people when they are right. One of his weaknesses, though, is his procrastination.
Ambitions Robert spent most of his career in fighter operations, flying and commanding fighter and bomber squadrons. About halfway through his career, Robert suffered a debilitating injury while flying and decided since he wasn't getting any younger, perhaps it was time to switch to an inside job. Robert switched to Engineering, which was his minor in the Academy. He wants to achieve the rank of Captain of Engineering someday.
Hobbies & Interests Robert enjoys Chess, playing cards and still forces himself to exercise to stay in shape. He enjoys swimming and trips to the holodeck.
Languages Fluent in reading/writing/speaking English & French. Can read and speak Klingon, read Romulan as well as read some Ferengi.

Personal History Robert Hogan was born in the Midwestern region of North America in July of 2347. His father was a Starfleet fighter operations instructor at Starfleet Academy and his mother was a soil biologist. Robert spent most of his youth between the Midwest and San Francisco, at the Academy. Robert didn't really like learning about soil erosion and the parts that make up dirt. The time he had to spend with his mom, Robert would take engineering projects with him. He also spent an inordinate amount of time taking things apart and putting them back together just to see what made them work.

When Robert was twelve, he spent an entire summer at the Academy, pouring over technical manuals and training vessels for the Academy fighter squadron. It was then that Robert decided he wanted to be a fighter pilot. Robert spent the next several years learning as much as he could about fighters, fighter operations and mechanics as well as the engineering behind them. At 17, Robert entered Starfleet Academy, majoring in Starfleet Fighter Operations and minoring in Engineering. His father had explained that one day, he might get tired of sitting in a chair with nothing between him and empty space except a cockpit.

Robert was a standard student at the academy, and did exceptionally well in his Engineering courses. During 2367, Robert was assigned to the USS Melbourne, during the battle of Wolf 359. He was one of the few survivors. Robert graduated with honors and was assigned to Starbase 24 Fighter Squadron. He served well in this assignment, learning Klingon while aboard the Starbase. After two years of exemplary service, he was promoted to First Officer of the squadron. He saw quite a bit of action in the area, twice winning commendations for his role in capturing Orion pirate ships. He was wounded four times during battles with Orion pirates.

Robert was again promoted, this time to First Officer of the squadron for Starbase 10. He only served on year in this assignment, but it was here that he picked up Romulan.

Prior to the Dominion War, Robert was assigned to command the Fighter Squadron on the USS Vanguard, which was essentially a floating carrier. The Vanguard saw much action during the war and was one of the few to survive the disastrous assault on the Tyra system. After about a year, Robert was assigned to a top secret squadron with orders to investigate how to undermine the Dominion troops. His team assaulted several ketracel-white production facilities and changed the course of the war in the Tyra System.

At the conclusion of the war, Robert asked to go to the Academy. Starfleet had sent out a call for all Engineering trained officers in other departments to retrain for Engineering assignments. Robert spent two years at the Academy refreshing his knowledge and abilities. His first assignment was on the USS Crockett, an Excelsior class starship. The Chief Engineer, and old Vulcan, didn't especially like Robert or his jokes. That was a grueling two years. Thankfully, he was assigned to the USS Ajax as Asst. Chief Engineer, surprisingly at the recommendation of the old Vulcan. Robert excelled on the Ajax, three times saving the ship from certain disaster. Starfleet then assigned him to Chief Engineer of the USS Gorkon. The Gorkon was also an Excelsior class starship and Robert much liked this class. He spent a lot of time working over the design and attempting to improve the old class.

After serving for three years on the Gorkon, Robert was shuffled off to an Oberth class as Chief Engineer and Second Officer. Robert tried to stay on the Gorkon, but to no avail. He later learned his cousin, Jason Rabb, was behind the transfer. Robert had been serving in the Ninth Fleet and the Valiant was in the Eight Fleet. The switch from an Excelsior class to an Oberth class was quite a shocker, the size being so different for one thing. The Valiant was assigned to explore and map areas of the Jouret Star System, looking for gaseous anomalies and such. After two years, Robert managed to get chosen for assistance with the Legacy project, as a consultant. Once the project was completed, Robert requested assignment to the USS Yorktown, a Legacy Class starship.
Service Record 2364 - Robert enters Starfleet Academy majoring in Fighter Ops and minoring in Engineering.

2367 - Participated in the battle of Wolf 359 aboard USS Melbourne. Ship was destroyed and Hogan escaped with few others aboard life pods.

2368 - Robert graduates Starfleet Academy. Assigned to Starbase 24 fighter group. During this assignment, Robert became fluent in Klingon.

2370 - Promoted to Second Officer of fighter group.

2372 - Promoted to again, assigned as First Officer of Fighter Group protecting Starbase 10. During this assignment, Robert became fluent in Romulan.

2373 - Assigned as Commanding Officer of the Fighter Squadron on the USS Vanguard, assigned to patrol the Cardassian DMZ. During this assignment, Robert learned Ferengi. Parjaticipated in the Dominion War as CO of the squadron. The Vanguard was assigned to the Seventh Fleet and participated in the disastrous assault on the Tyra System. Robert was re-assigned to an elite squadron that was assigned to investigate how to undermine the Dominion. An assault on several production facilities of ketracel-white resulted in gains for the squadron.

2375 - Starfleet Academy in a refresher course for Engineering Officers.

2377 - Assigned to USS Crockett as Engineering Officer

2379 - Assigned to USS Ajax as Assistant Chief Engineer

2382 - Assigned to USS Gorkon as Chief Engineer

2385 - Assigned to USS Valiant, an Oberth class, as Chief Engineer and Second Officer.

2387 - Assigned to the Legacy Starship project as an Engineering consultant.

2388 - Assigned to USS Yorktown as Chief Engineer