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Major Drake Lexon

Name Drake Lexon

Position Squad Leader

Rank Major

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human / Unknown
Date of Birth April 8, 2349

Physical Appearance

Height 6'0"
Weight 175
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Gray
Physical Description Though battle-hardened from his years as a marine, Drake has the ability to blend into almost any crowd; his face is not easily remembered. Despite his age, Drake appears to be barely into his twenties. When off-duty, Drake prefers plain clothing that does not stick out; he does, however, wear on his right hand a ring with a small green gem set in the center of it.


Father Captain Richard, private cargo pilot
Mother Alenna, unknown race/origins
Sister(s) Alyssa (Deceased)
Other Family

Personality & Traits

General Overview Drake can be a cheerful person, often to the point that others become quite annoyed with him. Occasionally, he will have an air of one who does not understand what is going on, but that is almost never the case. When faced with a crisis, Drake tends to remain calm and often treats danger flippantly. If things get serious, though, Drake can easily change track to be deadly serious himself.
Strengths & Weaknesses Drake is a very skilled pilot, with naturally quick reflexes honed by years of training and active field duty. His eyesight is superb, able to adjust quickly to changing light conditions – something that is a great asset when piloting through deep space or in an explosive dogfight. Along with his piloting skills, Drake has received extensive training and experience in the Marine corps, particularly leading small combat units. However, his greatest strength is his ability to learn new things quickly, so that they seem almost natural to him within a very short time frame.

For all his skills and abilities in combat and piloting, Drake is somewhat lax in the social area of his life. While he has shown more than competant leadership in the past with both his starfighter squadrons and Marine squads, Drake's social abilities become quite limited while off-duty. In addition to this, his occasional flippancy in the face of danger has led certain past commanders to remark on his personality as "insubordinate and disrespectful".

A final weakness is Drake's lack of close family - he has long been estranged from his parents, having been raised by his grandparents (who passed away within six months of each other in 2381). More recently, he suffered some recent mental trauma when he was unable to save his sister from pirates and she was executed before his eyes. Guilt weighs heavily on his heart for that incident, though subsequent counselor reports indicate no adverse effects to his duty...yet.
Ambitions For many years, Drake's goals lay solely in his favored career: achieving the highest award in the Starfighter Corps, which is Top Ace Pilot. Since achieving that award, the strength of Drake's ambitions have greatly lessened. Still, he is always looking to learn new things, such as taking up formal medical training to augment his basic Marine Medic training.
Hobbies & Interests Drake likes to read, listen to music, train on the holodeck, and of course pilot. When he can, he also likes wilderness travel, including hiking, climbing, rafting, canoeing, and other such activities. He has an interest in all types of piloting, especially old aircraft.
Languages Federation Standard; Mother's dialect (unknown origin); Romulan; Klingon

Personal History Drake was born on April 8, 2349 on his father's ship, the Vengor. He spent his first two years being cared for by his mother and older sister, but both siblings were sent to live with their grandparents on Earth when Richard's business began to become more dangerous with pirates and raiders. Aside from brief communications, Drake never saw his mother and father. Though his grandparents were very old-fashioned (they even selected one of their friends' daughters to be Drake's future wife, to Drake's disgust), they were also comfortable with modern technology. As Drake grew up, he gained both a familiarity with technology and several old-fashioned customs.

Because Drake's grandfather served as a pilot in Starfleet, Drake was inclined to follow the same path. He attended the academy and took Basic Flight School and Combat Flight School. After being assigned to a small wing of fighters for three years, Drake returned to take Advanced Combat Flight Training. Two years later, he was accepted into and passed Interceptor Training, earning his second wing-star. Determined to push himself, Drake applied for Elite Fighter Combat School, but had his application rejected twice before he decided to wait a few more years.

When he was 28, Drake left the Starfighter Corps for a short time to train as a marine officer. By the age of 33, Drake’s determination and skill had earned him the rank of Marine Captain, and he returned to the Starfighter Corps as a Wing XO, flying with his former comrades. Six months later, he was finally accepted into the Elite Fighter Combat School. Through continuing perseverance and dedication, Drake passed the rigorous training and earned his third star.

Already rated as an Ace pilot, Drake was transferred to the USS Avenger as Wing Commander. His duel skills as a starfighter pilot and marine made him a highly resourceful Wing Commander.

A year and a half after joining the crew of the Avenger, Drake was instrumental in foiling a surprise attack by unknown pirates. However, during the process he lost 22 (of 24) starfighers and 17 pilots. His Commanding Officer blamed Drake for the loss and Drake accepted the blame, despite the fact that all but one of those casualties were due to a bombing raid on the hangar moments before launch. Because of this failure for Drake, he left the Starfighter Corps for a time, transferring instead to the USS Tigris as the Chief Flight Control Officer.

Shortly afterwards, he came aboard the USS Pandora as a shuttle pilot. While it is unknown by many what occurred during this time, a classified report filed by Commander Earlond of the USS Pandora reveals that Drake’s departure from the USS Tigris was due to extenuating circumstances. Though Drake received no strikes in his record because of this incident, he was sent back to the USS Tigris by Commander Earlond to fulfill the post of Marine / Starfighter Pilot Liason. Due to the tense feelings between both groups as well as Drake’s own personal background in both the Marine and Starfighter Pilot programs, it was felt that Drake might help lessen the tensions between the groups.

After some time, Drake found his particular duties aboard the USS Tigris no longer useful and he put in for another transfer. This time, he did not choose a specific ship or a specific position, but rather let his skills be evaluated so that he might be assigned where he could be the most helpful. He was thus assigned to the USS Eagle as the Chief of Security/Tactical.

After some months on the USS Eagle, Drake was recalled by Starfighter Command to offer his advice and experience as input for the new Phantom-class starfighters. In the process, he was offered (and accepted) a position as a Major leading the first squadron of the Phantoms. In doing so, he also accepted one of the first assignments for the squadron - escort duty for the USS Yorktown.
Service Record 2354-2360: Elementary School- Public Education
2360-2363: Middle School- Public Education
2363-2367: High School- Public Education

2367-2368: Starfleet Academy- Freshman year
2368-2369: Starfleet Academy- Sophomore Year
2369-2370: Starfleet Academy- Junior Year
2370-2371: Basic/Combat Flight Training

2371-2374: 157th Fighter Division, Fleet Alpha - 2nd Lieutenant, Squadron Pilot
2374: Advanced Combat Flight Training
2374-2376: 157th Fighter Division, Fleet Alpha - 1st Lieutenant, Squadron Leader
2376: Interceptor Training
2376-2377: 157th Fighter Division, Fleet Alpha - Fighter Pilot Captain, Squadron Leader

2377: Starfleet Marine Corps- Basic Training
2378: Starfleet Marine Corps- Officer Candidate School
2378-2379: Marine Squad 214, Fleet Alpha - Marine 2nd Lieutenant
2379-2380: Starfleet Marine Corps - Marine Medic Training
2380-2381: Marine Squad 116 - Marine 1st Lieutenant
2381-2382: Marine Squad 116 - Marine Captain

2382: Elite Fighter Combat School
2382-2383: USS Avenger - Fighter Pilot Captain, CAG
2383-2384: USS Avenger - Commander (Provisional), XO

2384-2385: USS Tigris - Navy Lieutenant, CFCO
2385-2386: USS Pandora - Navy Lieutenant, Runnabout/Shuttle Pilot
2386-2387: USS Tigris - Navy Lieutenant JG, Marine-Pilot Liaison
2387: USS Eagle – Navy Lieutenant JG, Chief Sec/Tac Officer

2388: Starfighter Command – Major, Phantom Test Pilot
2388-Present: USS Yorktown Escort – Major, Phantom Leader


Veteran - 2372
Ace - 2376
Top Ace - 2383