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Lieutenant Ophelia Lysander

Name Ophelia D'Nel Lysander

Position Chief Medical Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human/Vulcan/Betazoid
Date of Birth October 25, 2358

Physical Appearance

Height 5'9"
Weight 125 lbs.
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Tall and lithe, Ophelia has the serious, graceful posture of a Vulcan, the intelligent and curious green eyes of a human, and the warm and genuine smile of a Betazoid. Her facial features are soft but slightly angular, and her ears are somewhat pointed thanks to her Vulcan heritage, though her long hair generally hides them.


Spouse Roken Lysander (Deceased)
Children Hazel K'Tel Lysander, three years old
Father William Jones
Mother Saranna Jones
Other Family Grandfather: Horace Jones
Grandmother: K’Tel Jones
Grandfather: Lormel Melix
Grandmother: Vanessa Melix
Uncles: Roger Jones, Nirek Jones; Emil Melix (Deceased)
Cousins: Zoram Jones, Felicity Jones; Derek Jones; Gel Melix

Personality & Traits

General Overview Although a quarter Vulcan, Ophelia is generally on the friendly and easy-going side. She is usually quite gentle, but she also has a strong will and has always known her own mind. Ophelia was once committed solely to her career. Now that she is a mother, however, her priorities have changed, and she lives first for her daughter. Because of her Vulcan and Betazoid heritage, she has minor telepathic abilities and is technically an empath. She follows no particular philosophy, but rather incorporates different philosophies of the Vulcan, Betazoid and Human cultures into her own life according to her own tastes.
Strengths & Weaknesses Ophelia is intelligent, kind, and determined, and she strives to be wise and circumspect in all things. With both Vulcan and Betazoid blood in her, she possesses empathic abilities that are heightened through the sense of touch, a skill that is both a blessing and a hindrance to her as a doctor depending on the situation. Whenever she is hurt or afraid, she can be uncharacteristically cold, even towards her loved ones. She also possesses a passionate streak inherited from her Betazoid mother that occasionally leads her to butt heads with others.
Ambitions She desires to be as near a perfect mother as she can be, and to provide and promote the finest medical care this side of the galaxy. Following the death of her husband, she is also determined to uncover the full circumstances of his death.
Hobbies & Interests Ophelia is an animal lover and keeps a Betazoid cat as well as an exotic aquarium in her quarters. She is a great believer in the healing properties of music and loves all varieties, particularly classical. Her favorite thing to do is to spend time with her daughter. She especially enjoys creating adventures for the two of them to share on the holodeck.
Languages Human, with some basic knowledge of Vulcan and Betazoid

Personal History Born in October of 2358, Ophelia enjoyed an upbringing that was anything but dull despite the fact that she was born on a starbase. Her father, who was half human and half Vulcan, was the Chief Engineer of Starbase 343, while her mother, a half human and half Betazoid woman, served as a civilian nurse in Sickbay. Many aspects of the Vulcan, Betazoid, and Human cultures were integral parts of Ophelia’s upbringing, and she never questioned her mixed heritage. Her father was occasionally somber and stoic, but her mother was always very much a freethinker and strove to raise Ophelia in the same manner.

As a child, Ophelia was doted upon by many of the starbase’s personnel. She was introduced to any number of species as people from all over the galaxy passed through the starbas. She visited her mother’s home planet of Betazed several times as a girl, and also had the opportunity to visit her great-great grandfather on Vulcan for an extended stay. Deciding that she much preferred the lush green surroundings of Betazed, she never asked to visit planet Vulcan again. Although she never had any siblings of her own, Ophelia enjoyed plenty of friends among the other children who lived on the starbase, and her early childhood overall was a happy one.

At the age of twelve it became apparent that Ophelia was developing telepathic abilities. This was hardly a surprise, seeing as she was a fourth Vulcan and a fourth Betazoid. What was unclear for some time was to what extent her telepathic abilities would develop. Sensitive to emotions, Ophelia sometimes had trouble differentiating between the feelings of those around her and her own. She was also prone to pick up on the occasional thought of friends and family, and was particularly perceptive to these sorts of readings through her sense of touch. After a couple of years, Ophelia learned to control her sporadic telepathic abilities and to embrace them as part of what made her unique among her peers.

By the time Ophelia turned sixteen, it was clear that she was growing into a beautiful young woman. Her first boyfriend was a half Human, half Vulcan boy named Roken Lysander. Roken’s father was the Commanding Officer of the USS Independence, a Galaxy-class ship that docked at the starbase for an extended period while it received extensive repairs. Ophelia did not enjoy the attention she seemed to attract for dating a Captain’s son, and the relationship ended less than six weeks after it began. Ophelia moved on quickly, blundering her way through the dating scene as gracefully as any sixteen-year-old girl aboard a starbase can, but for one reason or another, Roken was often on her mind during her teenage years.

By this time, the Dominion War was in full swing, and no one aboard the starbase was unaffected. Ships came and went constantly, often bringing with them scores of wounded in need of additional medical care. As a nurse, Saranna had never been needed more, and Ophelia watched in quiet admiration as her mother devoted her every waking moment to those in need of her lifesaving skills. Having always been mildly attracted to the medical profession, it was this experience that led Ophelia to decide once and for all to pursue a career as a physician.

She applied to Starfleet Medical Academy as soon as the Dominion War ended. In 2376, at the age of eighteen, Ophelia left Starbase 343, the only home she had ever known, and moved to San Francisco on Earth to begin her studies.

The atmosphere following the Dominion War was one of weary relief, and Ophelia along with many of her fellow students was eager to help usher in a new age of peace and prosperity. She was from the start dedicated to her studies, taking all of her classes and course work very seriously. She still found some time for friends and fun, however, and was part of the Medical Academy swim team.

In her second year at the Academy, Ophelia was surprised to run into Roken, the first boy she had ever dated. Roken, who was two years older than her, was in his final year as an Engineering major. Although awkward around each other at first, they continued to spend more and more time together, and eventually Roken admitted that his feelings for Ophelia had not changed. It did not take long for Ophelia to realize that she still cared for him too, and they quickly resumed their relationship in earnest.

Although Ophelia usually tried to be calm and pleasant, she cried in secret for days after Roken graduated and began his first assignment aboard the USS Exeter. They remained in close contact at first, but once Roken realized that Ophelia was beginning to lose focus on her studies, he suggested that they put their long-distance relationship on hold so that she could finish her own degree. Ophelia was even more heartbroken by this, but soon saw the logic in his decision and forced herself to move on.

With her focus now solely on her profession, Ophelia graduated in 2379 and began her career officially as an intern aboard the USS Tethys. She had the great pleasure of working closely alongside Dr. Lorne Anders, a brilliant doctor who rarely took interns on despite his acclaim and expertise, particularly in neuroscience. Dr. Anders was not what some would call nice, but Ophelia persevered, seeing the good in him despite his gruff exterior. She learned a great deal from him, and earned his respect for sticking out her internship even though Dr. Anders worked her nearly to exhaustion. With his recommendation, Ophelia was offered her choice of several promising assignments.

She turned them all down. By this time, her thoughts had turned once again back to Roken. In what was surely the most impulsive—and possibly the most damaging—move of her young career, Ophelia rejected an offer to become an Assistant Chief Medical Officer and instead accepted a position as a simple physician on the USS Exeter, the ship that Roken was still serving on. Even though she had no guarantee that Roken would be interested in seeing her again, her risky move paid off, and their relationship resumed for a third time.

In 2381, Roken and Ophelia were married. They did not remain on the USS Exeter for long, accepting instead a transfer to the USS Veridian, where Roken was offered the position of Assistant Chief Engineering Officer. There was no such opportunity for advancement available to Ophelia in the Medical Department, but wanting to remain with her husband, she accepted the position of Medical Officer. She was happy enough in her work there, and life was pleasant, if predictable, in the early years of her marriage.

Roken and Ophelia were once again reassigned in 2383, and, bidding their friends farewell, they transferred to the USS Independence. Roken’s father, Captain Charles Lysander, was still in command of the ship, and despite some protest from the Admiralty in Starfleet, he had found a way to offer his son the position of Chief Engineer. Roken, who was truly a talented engineer, ignored his misgivings that the transfer smacked of nepotism and accepted the position. Ophelia, in the meantime, served as both a Medical Officer and the ship’s Morale Officer.

The assignment did not last long. In that same year, the ship was exploring a small nebula when it came under fire by a small fleet of vessels of unknown origin. While the ship and her crew were able to repel the attack, it came at a great cost. Despite the efforts of Ophelia and the rest of the Medical personnel, thirty-seven lives were lost. The ship was left barely intact, and due to the extent of the damage, Starfleet moved to officially retire the USS Independence.

While awaiting a new assignment, Ophelia discovered to her delight that she was pregnant. She and Roken were soon thereafter assigned to Starbase 339, though their roles were now essentially reversed. Likely in response to his last assignment, which some of the Admiralty still believed had been an unfair promotion due to his father’s influence, Roken was demoted back to a Lieutenant-JG and became an Engineering Officer once again. Ophelia, on the other hand, was finally given a position that her skill and performance merited and was made Assistant Chief Medical Officer for the starbase. Roken accepted the assignment with calm decorum, and hoped to prove himself all over again as a truly outstanding Starfleet officer.

Ophelia’s new assignment brought great fulfillment to her life, and she was thrilled to finally feel challenged and truly needed. Once the birth of her baby neared, however, she began to wonder how she would be able to balance motherhood with her career. Their daughter, Hazel K’Tel Lysander, was born on July 24, 2385. As with so many mothers, it was love at first sight for Ophelia. As driven as she had felt once again towards her career, she soon realized that her daughter was now the true driving factor of her young life.

Happily, after taking a six-month maternity leave, Ophelia discovered that finding a balance between motherhood and her career was not as hard as she had imagined. It certainly had its challenges, and it was initially terribly difficult for Ophelia to leave her baby even just for a few hours at a time, but a routine was soon established, and all was well in the Lysander family.

In early 2386, Roken was offered the opportunity of taking part in a special assignment. Eager to regain his good standing in Starfleet and to smooth things over with the higher ups, Roken accepted and left his family for a six-month journey on a science vessel bound for a newly discovered planet. As the sole Engineer aboard the smaller vessel, Roken hoped that his performance would garner some positive attention to help restore his good image. Ophelia was not completely happy with his decision, but she supported him nonetheless, understanding that Roken would never rest until he felt he had restored his reputation and his integrity.

For the first two months, Ophelia and Hazel managed the separation tolerably well. Hazel was just old enough to realize that her father was missing, but young enough that after a few weeks, she adjusted well enough. By the third month, Ophelia’s longing for her husband turned to a subtle but pervasive sense of dread. Although she couldn’t explain it to her friends or loved ones, she began to fear that she would never see Roken again.

This premonition-like feeling proved to be all too true. Four months after Roken left, Ophelia received word from Starfleet that the ship he was assigned to had been lost with all hands. Initially, Ophelia was numb with shock and grief. She summoned all of her Vulcan stoicism to hold herself together in front of her young daughter after receiving the news, but still had to rely on close friends to watch Hazel whenever she felt overcome. The funeral for Roken was a somber one, and although well attended, the lack of a body to mourn over was difficult for Ophelia and her family.

Within a matter of weeks, her grief turned to suspicion and even anger. Starfleet proved less than forthcoming with details concerning the loss of Roken’s ship. After a little investigating of her own, Ophelia discovered that none of the other victims’ relatives had been told what had actually befallen the ship and its crew either. Despite her petitions, Starfleet remained tightlipped on the matter, and Ophelia was forced to move on with her life without any real clues to the official cause of her husband’s death. To this day, Ophelia is still determined to find out what really happened to her husband’s ship, even if it takes her a lifetime to do so.

Ophelia remained aboard Starbase 339 with Hazel for nearly two more years. Adjusting to life without Roken was anything but easy, but after a few months, both she and Hazel came to regard the base as their home. But memories of Roken always lingered, and when the opportunity for a promotion and a change of scenery presented itself, Ophelia all but jumped at the chance. In 2388 she was assigned to the USS Yorktown as the Chief Medical Officer.
Service Record Ensign: Internship, USS Tethys (2379-2380)
Lieutenant-JG: Physician, USS Exeter (2380-2381)
Lieutenant-JG: Medical Officer, USS Veridian (2381-2383)
Lieutenant-JG: Medical Officer/Morale Officer, USS Independence (2381-2383)
Lieutenant-JG: Assistant Chief Medical Officer, Starbase 339 (2384)
--Six Months Maternity Leave--
Lieutenant-JG: Assistant Chief Medical Officer, Starbase 339 (2385-2386)
Lieutenant: Assistant Chief Medical Officer, Starbase 339 (2386-2388)
Lieutenant: Chief Medical Officer, USS Yorktown (2388-Present)