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Lieutenant Torin Drell

Name Torin Drell

Position Chief Operations Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Joined Trill
Date of Birth 2355

Physical Appearance

Height 5'11"
Weight 170lbs
Hair Color Copper
Eye Color Hazel
Physical Description Torin belongs to an uncommon section of the Trill population typically from their planets southernmost continent that exhibits a significant deviation in coloring from the rest of the Trill population. Typical of this sub species, Torin has well tanned skin and lighter colored hair and eyes than most Trill. His spots are also a burgundy color instead of the more typical black or gray coloration. His hair is usually worn a little longer than most officer's and he often let's it “do it's own thing”. It is not uncommon to see him sporting a light beard or goatee as well.

Torin is athletically built with well defined muscles, it is obvious that he puts a great deal of effort into maintaining this physique. While off duty Torin enjoys wearing the loose fitting, light weight clothing typical of cultures from planets with an excessively hot climate.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Doraal Astasi (2329-Present)
Mother Enza Astasi (2331-2386)
Brother(s) Fezrin Astasi (2358-Present)
Sister(s) Enzara Astasi (2361-Present)
Other Family Nystri Astasi (2358-Present)(Sister-In-Law)

Personality & Traits

General Overview As a Joined Trill, Torin's overall personality is ultimately the culmination of all of the Drell Symbiont's previous hosts with his own overarching quirks and desires displayed on the surface. Prior to the joining Torin was a highly motivated career student and junior Starfleet officer who could hardly see past his own ambition and uniform. He was known for burning the candle at both ends and taking on as much extra work as he could physically handle. While some of his superiors could appreciate his enthusiasm many considered the young Trill to be dedicated to a fault and at great risk of burning out.

After being joined with the Drell Symbiont Torin's firey personality became tempered with the experience of four previous lifetimes;
From Luraza, the Symbiont's first host, Torin has received a radically altered perspective on existence, a patient introspective approach to all of his worldly interactions. From Jissa Torin has received a cool, methodical approach to knowledge and a deep understanding (and appreciation) of the Vulcan culture. From Vexel, the Drell Symbiont's first male host, Torin has received a greater sense of duty toward the Federation and a deeper appreciation for all of the worlds that it is comprised of. From Lyndra, the Symbiont's previous host and a friend of Torin's he received the ability to let go, to let reality unfold around him organically and to live each moment as if it was the last he would experience.

The overall effect has altered Torin drastically. After a year leave of absence to acclimate himself to his changed reality on Trill, Torin returned to Starfleet with a far more humble demeanor. While still possessing the ambition that he had prior to the Joining Torin is in far less of a hurry to get to where hes going and focuses more on his day to day interactions with others. Performing his duties to the best of his ability is still critical to Torin but he also seeks new and interesting ways to occupy himself while off duty.

In general, Torin usually has a good natured humor about him and displays genuine interest in the lives of his friends.
Strengths & Weaknesses Torin has a wealth of knowledge to draw from in the areas of History, Arts and Culture, Philosophy and Science and is a quick study to boot. During his lifetime he has obtained advanced degrees in engineering and progressive computer technology while perusing his career in Starfleet. Overall Torin could be considered an academic, seeking knowledge for the sake of knowing more about the universe around him and this knowledge usually comes easy to him.

Conversely, Torin is repulsed by the ugliness that the universe holds. Not so much by aesthetic displeasure as much as by violence, bigotry and cruelty. He counts himself lucky to have missed service during the Dominion War and hopes that he never has to deal with a situation of that type in his lifetime. In truth, a part of him fears physical conflict and more-so having to witness it's aftermath. Torin knows that he would go as far as giving up his Starfleet career if continuing on his path would place him in more than an occasional combat situation.
Ambitions Before being Joined Torin's ambitions were typical of young officers; advance as quickly as he could, manage a department aboard a starship and eventually have a command of his own. His plan was simple, streamlined and little stood in his way.
After becoming joined Torin's ambitions became more complicated. The idea of commanding a starship had lost its appeal somewhat as his previous life's experiences informed Torin of the great responsibilities involved when having the lives of others in your hands. Instead, Torin seeks to perfect his skills in his fields of choice and to one day oversee a shipyard or some other design and construction facility. He knows that serving aboard starships is the best way to gain the experience he needs and a part of him does yearn to see new worlds but ultimately he wishes to settle down on a planet or starbase.
Hobbies & Interests While off duty Torin usually occupies himself with games of wit, while he has a few standards he is always enthusiastic to try new experiences. Torin also has a great interest in keeping up with the latest advances in Starfleet technology and pursues news on computing and data collection technology particularly vigorously.
While occasionally he indulges his yearning for hobbies of previous lives Torin firmly believes that his symbiont would benefit more from new experiences and only engages in his old routines seldomly. Some of these include painting, sculpting, music and classic literature from a variety of cultures.

Torin spends an hour a day on physical training as well, while not so much a hobby it is a significant
Languages Torin: Trill, English
Past Hosts: Andorian, Catullan, Coridan, Rigellian, Vulcan.

Personal History PREVIOUS HOSTS:
Luraza Gith (Drell) 2055-2116 (Philosopher and Poet before and during the era of Trill's first contact with Vulcans.)
Jissa Nuala (Drell) 2116-2199 (Among the first of the Trill Science Ministers to spend time on Vulcan.)
Vexel Gith (Drell) 2199-2295 (Starfleet Officer retired later in life to become an ambassador to newer Federation worlds.)
Lyndra Jezel (Drell) 2295-2381 (Musician and Artist, Traveler of worlds.)


Born in mid 2355 on the Trill home world to a Minister of Science and his wife, a prominent physician serving on the Trill board of Medicine. Torin was raised in an affluent household and wanted for little as a child. The oldest of three siblings, Torin was always held to the highest standards and more was always expected of him than of his siblings, especially by his father.

As a young adult Torin was pushed rigorously to perform above expectation in school and while his younger brother and sister rebelled against similar pressure Torin owned it. He excelled in academics and quickly became the head of his class, graduating a year ahead of his peers in 2372. Without so much as a months breather to relax, Torin began his time as a student at the Trill Science Ministry where he would study the Stellar Sciences for the next three years.

Torin's time at the Science Ministry was enjoyable for the young Trill, he was truly being challenged by his academic studies for the first time in his life and was learning more than he had anticipated. As he became more aware of the cosmos however a rift began to form within; where he had anticipated graduation from the Ministry and going right back to begin teaching previously, his new found knowledge had him yearning for a more illustrious career in space. By the time he obtained his first degrees in 2375 Torin had made up his mind about his career path - he would join Starfleet to Pursue a future in space.

Torin's parents were pleased by their sons decision to further advance himself but before he was permitted to leave for Earth his mother insisted that he file an application with the Symbiosis commission to become a candidate for the Joining. Torin had never really considered that possibility as none in his family had ever been given the honor of carry a Symbiont but fulfilled his mother's wishes none the less.

Once on Earth Torin threw himself into his Starfleet education with greater zeal than he had in the past. Life at the academy was far more pleasant for him than he had imagined, he greatly enjoyed being immersed in other cultures and discovering new things about others and himself. Social distractions aside, the primary focus of Torins life remained his academic studies and despite a few short relationships he never allowed himself to become too distracted from his goals.

Torin had originally chosen Engineering as his Starfleet career path but upon receiving his orders for his Cadet cruise aboard the USS Ticonderoga he chose to switch his focus to Operations. While he possessed enough background in Engineering to perform that department's duties he had become far more interesting in computing technologies, holometrics and sensor technology. With more Cadets choosing Engineering over careers in Ops the department heads aboard the Ticonderoga were pleased to have another apprentice.

Life aboard the Defiant Class USS Ticonderoga wasn't as exciting as his time at the academy had been but Torin found that his assignment took him to numerous new and interesting places during its patrol mission. This was also where Torin began to develop his fear of combat situations after the Ticonderoga was involved in numerous skirmishes along the Federation's borders. After taking light damage Torin had been ordered to repair data relays below decks when a counter attack occurred. During the assault a plasma conduit ruptured further up the corridor from Torin and he was nearly killed by the resulting fire. Only the quick thinking of his work-mate saved his life. Since then Torin has worked to overcome his fear with little progress.

In 2380 Torin graduated from Starfleet Academy and as an Ensign was assigned to the USS Ticonderoga as an Operations officer. He had requested assignment aboard a larger Explorer type starship but unbeknownst to Torin the Captain of his ship had put in his own request to have the Trill stay aboard. Torin while dissatisfied with his first assignment held onto the fact that he would eventually be rotated to a new ship and just had to hold out for the shift. Before that time came however, Torin received a personal message from home that he had not anticipated; his petition to receive a Symbiont had been approved.

Torin arrived back on Trill in early 2381 to find that his family was hosting a guest in their house, and elderly Trill named Lyndra Drell, the woman who Torin quickly realized was host to the Symbiont that was to be his. Unsure what to expect, Torin was understandably nervous but over the course of a year he came to regard Lyndra as a friend. She was the polar opposite of who Torin was, a free spirit and a dreamer. She had never known discipline and initially Torin could see little value in her as a host but he realized that she had been to a hundred worlds and had influenced an uncountable number of individuals from various species with her arts. After this realization Torin wondered why Lyndra had chosen him as her successor and came to realize that both she and the Symbiont felt that his life experience would be one that Drell would benefit from.

It was in early 2382 that Lyndra finally passed away and the Drell Symbiont was transferred to Torin, an experience that none of the training he had undergone at home could have truly prepared him for. Going from a singular to a plural existence was almost too much for the young trill but Lyndra's guidance pre and post joining allowed him to pull through. It would take Torin a full year before he had regained full control of his emotions and mental faculties but once he had he knew that his career in Starfleet was still his primary desire.

Bidding his family and home world farewell Torin returned to Earth before being assigned to the newly constructed Nova Class USS Majestic as the ships assistant chief of Operations. He settled into life aboard the Majestic far more easily than he had thought possible, his extreme drive for advancement had vanished and he found life aboard a starship significantly different than he had before. It wasn't just the change from a tactical ship to a science vessel, it was also his new found ability to just "go with the flow". Something he credited Lyndra with directly, though Drell's previous hosts likely played a part.

Torin was promoted to Lieutenant JG and given Senior Staff status as the ships Chief of Ops after his predecessor was reassigned. He realized that he had been given the position in large part due to his changed attitude and doubted very much that his "old self" would have been capable of advancing so quickly despite all of the extra work he had done. It was at about that time that he really accepted that he wasn't the man he had been before and even more amazingly that he was okay with that.

After a full three years and two tours of duty aboard the Majestic Torin requested assignment aboard a newly built Legacy Class USS Yorktown. The ship and it's mission were precisely what Torin had been looking for in an assignment since he had joined Starfleet almost ten years prior. It was with great satisfaction that he received the clearance for the transfer to the Yorktown to embark on the next leg of his life and career.

Service Record * Student - Stellar Sciences, Trill Science Ministry (2372-2375)

* Cadet - Engineering, Starfleet Academy (2376-2378)

* Cadet - Operations, USS Ticonderoga (2378-2380)

* Ensign - Operations Officer, USS Ticonderoga (2380-2381)


* Ensign - Assistant Chief of Operations, USS Majestic (2383-2384)

* Lieutenant JG - Chief of Operations, USS Majestic (2385-2388)

* Lieutenant - Chief of Operations, USS Yorktown (2388-Present)