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Ensign Jesse Gael

Name Jesse Gael

Position Counselor

Rank Ensign

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Betazoid
Date of Birth 21 June 2365

Physical Appearance

Height 5'11"
Weight 162 lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Jesse has always considered himself to be rather average when it comes to his own appearance, never feeling as if he stood out from the crowd. It has been said his warm smile and attentive gaze make him easily approachable as an individual.


Father Regulus Gael
Mother Mariana Gael, MD
Other Family

Personality & Traits

General Overview Like all Betazoids, Jesse was born with the natural abilities of telepathy and empathy, which one might expect would give him quite the advantage in dealing with others. He has always worked very hard to keep an open mind to the world around him and demonstrated himself to be someone others can rely upon. His dedication to others as well as his ability to listen has also made him quite the natural confidant.
Strengths & Weaknesses Many who have known Jesse speak quite highly of his dedication and his ability to approach any situation with an open mind. He has demonstrated true attention to detail as well as a certain awareness of less tangible connections within a given environment. By remaining open and accepting of those whom he has encountered in his life, Jesse has often found the strength to stand up for those who are in need, earning him the confidence of others and giving the impression of a young man with some sense of the greater picture.

Despite what would seem like an open and sincere appreciation of people and the way they interact with one another, Jesse remains a conflicted individual. He has been known to experience difficulty expressing his own innermost thoughts and feelings with others and consequently pushes himself to extreme lengths in the service of others. On occasion, he will sacrifice his own needs on behalf of those who he believes are in greater need, sometimes to the point of physical or emotional exhaustion.
Ambitions Jesse has come to recognize his own abilities as natural gifts which, when applied appropriately, can make a true difference in the lives of the people with whom he interacts. As one who is willing to share what he has with others, Jesse made the decision to enter Starfleet Academy with the intention of becoming a counselor aboard a Federation starship. He has made it his professional goal to provide what he feels is an invaluable service to any sentient being…someone who will listen.
Hobbies & Interests It is perhaps only through Jesse’s personal hobbies and interests one might begin to see a manifestation of the young man himself. He often seeks escape through reading of various literary forms with a particular interest in that of Earth’s twentieth and twenty-first centuries. An occasional wilderness trip or holonovel adventure offer a more distinct way for Jesse to separate himself from the rigors of day-to-day life aboard ship. At the same time, he also recognizes the importance of being an actively present member of the crew even when off duty and can sometimes be found enjoying an evening in the ship’s lounge or public recreation area.
Languages Federation Standard

Personal History Jesse Gael was born on 21 June 2365 to Regulas and Mariana Gael in the city of Eris on Betazed. Regulas Gael was a teacher in the Eris public education system and his wife, Mariana, was a medical physician at the local hospital. Living a rather average lifestyle meant the Gael’s were certainly blessed with the means to provide for their son. Because Jesse was an only child, his parents often made concerted efforts to encourage interaction with other young children in the neighborhood. They hoped such positive relationships would help to develop the proper social and behavioral skills expected of every young Betazoid by the time they reached school-age.

Academically, Jesse was what one might consider to be a proficient student who grasped most concepts quickly and without significant difficulty. His teachers would frequently comment on how often Jesse appeared to struggle with paying attention in class only to respond with the correct answer when called upon. Despite suggestions the boy might be better suited to a more advanced level of education, Jesse’s parents insisted he remain with other children his own age. Jesse, for his part, did not seem to mind and settled for finding his own challenges by helping out his fellow students when they struggled to master a particular lesson.

The invasion of Betazed by Dominion forces in 2374 came as a complete surprise to the planet’s populace as well as Starfleet Command and the Federation as a whole. Although the Gaels knew nothing of the Dominion fleet that had been assembled in secret or the fact Starfleet’s Tenth Fleet had been caught while on training exercise, they could clearly see how different life was about to become under the constant watch of the Jem’hadar. Life supposedly continued on as it always had except for the fact Betazed had become occupied territory. Mandatory curfews, a noticeable change in public communications, and the need to comply with random security checks by Jem’hadar soldiers were but a few of the changes which began being implemented during the Dominion occupation. It brought the war directly into people’s everyday lives and the Gael family, like so many others, simply had to learn how to live with it.

Being only nine years old at the time, Jesse seemed to be less affected by the events of the Dominion Occupation than either of his parents. He continued going to school like he always had before and came home every night to the same house. The only differences he really noticed were the strange-looking soldiers that enforced a strict curfew and imposed restrictions on travel of any great distance. By the time the planet was liberated by a Federation-Alliance fleet in 2375, Jesse had experienced less than a year of military occupation by the Dominion.

The age when natural telepathic and empathic abilities first begin asserting themselves can be a very frightening time in a young Betazoid’s life. It is expected they might become more distant with people their own age and experience drastic mood swings with little or no warning. When Jesse reached the typical age of Betazoid mental development, he experienced the same feeling of chaos and disorder that usually accompanies sudden perception of the thoughts and emotions of others. Yet he seemed to take all of this in stride and seemed to open up toward his peers just a little bit more. By the time he had reached the secondary level of education, Jesse appeared as if his ability to interact with others his own age had improved significantly even though he still remained personally quite withdrawn.

Jesse continued to remain somewhat involved with the social network of his peers throughout high school, but it was clear his sights did not end with his own community or even his own planet. He had experienced the humanitarian operations of Starfleet first-hand following the liberation of Betazed from the Dominion and interacted with Starfleet officers who had been assigned to help reconstruct Betazed’s damaged infrastructure. These experiences gave Jesse a glimpse into life away from his own planet where people from different species interacted with one another and cooperated for their mutual benefit. Having learned about it in school had done little to prepare him for actually experiencing such cooperation for himself.

Seeing the humanitarian work Starfleet was capable of helped Jesse to make his own decision to apply for entrance to Starfleet Academy. He met with an Academy Advisor stationed on Betazed who seemed satisfied by Jesse’s current academic standing, but strongly encouraged the young man to consider selecting a specific discipline prior to submitting his application in order to improve his chances of being accepted. The two discussed many of the different options available before Jesse finally, feeling it would be the most likely to serve in a humanitarian capacity, settled on pursuing certification as a counselor.

Jesse arrived in San Francisco in the late summer of 2383 after completing the Academy Entrance Examinations and achieving moderately proficient marks. He spent most of his first and second year taking a variety of general education courses meant on bolstering up his understanding of what it meant to be a Starfleet officer. Many of his instructors noted his genuine desire to apply himself in whatever he did, even if it did not always seem to coincide with his intended career of counseling. Jesse’s interest in learning extended beyond the classroom in the form of a peer study group he started during the first few months of his Academy training. The group consisted of cadets from several different disciplines who met on a regular basis right up through graduation.

In addition to academics, Jesse spent a great deal of his free time involved in extra-curricular activities such as theater, ballroom dancing, and the Academy show choir. Such activities were a way to unwind from the stresses typically experienced as a result of academic work loads and were also an opportunity to be creative in a somewhat social setting. He particularly enjoyed the chance to observe the different social and cultural behaviors being portrayed in both theater and music and how the performer interacted with the audience in each setting. It served as the perfect setting to actually experience the wide range of emotion and drama he might encounter once he finally became a counselor.

The year 2387 brought about a great deal of upheaval throughout the Alpha and Beta Quadrants which threatened to drastically alter the balance of power even moreso than the Elyshan Cold War ever had. Although the Elyshans had retreated within their own borders following defeats at Starbase 386 and Starbase Gatekeeper, political unrest within the Romulan Empire had been thrown into chaos by the disastrous effects of the Hobus Supernova. Growing concern at Starfleet Command and the Federation Council prompted a renewed effort to formalize many of the diplomatic ties that had been established during the Dominion War.

Jesse graduated from Starfleet Academy in early 2387 and was immediately assigned as a counselor aboard the Luna-class USS Pandora under the command of Vice Admiral Iluvar. His first and only tour of duty aboard that vessel consisted of providing counseling support to members of the ship's crew as they investigated a Borg debris field discovered near the Federation border. It came as no surprise that learning about the Borg from the distance of a classroom turned out to be completely different than dealing with them up close...even if it was only their remains.

Not long afterward, Jesse was transferred to the Nova-class USS Kepler under the command of Commander Mia Drake, PhD. Adjusting to being the only certified counselor aboard ship was somewhat difficult for the young Betazoid at first, but Jesse eased into his new role with the help and encouragement of his commanding officer. The opportunities made available to Jesse aboard the Kepler included participating in first contact with a previously unencountered species discovered in the Beta-Carenii system. He continued to serve aboard the Kepler through the remainder of 2387 and well into the following year.

The reassignment of Commander Mia Drake brought about several abrupt changes for the Kepler's crew. Ensign Jesse Gael quickly found himself reassigned to the Legacy-class USS Yorktown under the command of Captain Tobias Naros as a member of that vessel's counseling department.
Service Record *Cadet - Counseling, Starfleet Academy (2384-2387)
*Ensign - Counselor, USS Pandora (2387)
*Ensign - Counselor, USS Kepler (2387-2388)
*Ensign - Counselor, USS Yorktown (2388-Present)