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Lieutenant Amanda Owens

Name Amanda Owens

Position Assistant Chief Security/Tactical Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Date of Birth July 10, 2361

Physical Appearance

Height 5'7"
Weight 130
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Hazel
Physical Description Though Amy makes sure she is clean and well-dressed, she doesn’t spend too much time worrying about her physical appearance. She keeps her hair long for general shipboard duty, but not long enough that it gets in the way; during training or away missions, she ties her hair back to make sure it stays out of the way. When wearing civilian clothing, Amy occasionally wears minimal jewelry such as simple earrings or a necklace.


Father Gregory Owens (b. December 14, 2346)
Mother Mary Lewis Owens (b. April 15, 2348)
Brother(s) Adam Owens (b. July 10, 2361)
Other Family

Personality & Traits

General Overview Amy tends to be friendly while off-duty, but knows how to get serious when it’s needed. Parts of her lifestyle could be considered “alternative”, but she does her best not to let that interfere with how she interacts with others. She is not afraid of showing who she is to people, but she also doesn’t want to make others unnecessarily uncomfortable.
Strengths & Weaknesses Unlike many of her companions in the Security/Tactical department – even female officers – Amy is not necessarily strong. She is not weak – in fact, she trains daily to ensure that she remains as fit as possible – but she knows she cannot win most confrontations through sheer strength. To counter this, Amy has learned to quickly assess tactics and fighting styles and use her opponent’s strength against him. She also does her best to find ways to diffuse situations before they escalate to physical violence.

Amy has a near-eidetic memory, and can therefore learn new things quickly. One of the things she always enjoyed was the study of spoken language, which she later found to be helpful in dealing with potential confrontations between races.
Ambitions Amy has long enjoyed the study of tactics, especially multiple-ship combat. She one day hopes to serve in a higher-level fleet tactical department, directing large-scale tactics.
Hobbies & Interests Amy enjoys reading, both fiction (especially romance) and non-fiction (especially culture and language). She also enjoys swimming, fencing, and tennis. Though she enjoys these activities alone, she prefers to be with others in her free time as she enjoys company over solitude. Occasionally, she tends to tease people – even people she has not fully gotten to know yet.
Languages Federation Standard, various Human languages, Cardassian, Klingon, Orion, Romulan, Vulcan

Personal History Amy was born on Earth to Gregory and Mary Owens, along with a twin brother, Adam. The two were precocious children as they grew up together, always getting into trouble but never seeming to fight each other. In fact, they supported each other in everything, regardless of the circumstance – even when their parents would not. When Adam decided that he did not want to join Starfleet – something their parents had assumed the twins would do – Amy helped him find his passion and a school through which to pursue it. When Amy’s parents discovered her “alternative lifestyle” and threatened to kick her out of the house, it was Adam who supported her and convinced their parents to at least provide a home for Amy through her college years.

Originally, Amy attended a prestigious non-Academy school to support her brother. She spent three years studying culture and language, but despite her interest in learning the languages for the sake of speaking them she was unable to commit to a major. Finally, her brother told her that he thought maybe she ought to go to Starfleet anyway; she protested, but he pointed out that she couldn’t stay in school forever if she didn’t find something she really wanted to do. Reluctantly, Amy made the necessary arrangements and applied to Starfleet Academy.

It was a mark of how estranged Amy had become from her parents that they did not even show up to see her leave for the Academy, but of course Adam was there to comfort and encourage Amy. They remained in contact throughout her three years at the Academy (her three years of private schooling and her quick advancements managed to cut a full year from her time), and even when Amy was sent on her first assignment she made sure to be able to contact her twin as often as possible.

Amy had always hated bullies, and so in the Academy she had taken some Security and Tactical classes in order to have some way to fight back. Once she discovered what they were like, however, she soon focused entirely on the Security/Tactical division, and in the last half of her senior year at the Academy she earned a semester aboard the USS Scarab as a Tactical Cadet. In 2385, she graduated and received her commission as an Ensign, remaining with the Scarab for the duration of that rank.

When Amy was promoted to Lieutenant JG, she was reassigned to the USS Peacekeeper. While her strength lay in Tactical (where her skills with tactics did not depend on her admittedly limited physical stature), she began branching out more into Security as well to make sure she was a well-rounded officer. She also took some training in hostage negotiation and other such areas of the department, knowing that preventing a fight in any situation was the highest priority. Amy remained with the Peacekeeper until she had earned the rank of full Lieutenant, but she finally applied for a transfer in hopes of serving as the head or assistant head of a Security/Tactical department.

In early 2389, Amy was assigned to the USS Yorktown, where she would serve directly under Chief Security/Tactical Officer Joseph Thompson and indirectly under Commanding Officer Tobias Naros. In just a year, Amy proved herself a capable tactician, helping coordinate the Yorktown’s systems and – for a time – the embarked starfighters.

When much of the Yorktown’s crew was transferred, in 2390, Amy also put in for a transfer to Starbase 386. Intending to pursue her ambitions of larger tactical positions, Amy requested and was granted a transfer to the Strategic Operations department.
Service Record Fall 2366 – Spring 2375: Public School, Civilian
Fall 2375 – Summer 2379: Private College, Civilian
Fall 2379 – January 2385: Starfleet Academy, Cadet
January 2385 – July 2385: USS Scarab, Tactical Cadet

July 2385 – September 2386: Tactical, USS Scarab, Ensign

October 2386 – April 2387: Tactical, USS Peacekeeper, Lieutenant JG
May 2387 – December 2388: Security/Tactical, USS Peacekeeper, Lieutenant

April 2389 – Spring 2390: Assistant Chief Sec/Tac, USS Yorktown, Lieutenant

Spring 2390-Present: Strategic Operations Officer, SB386, Lieutenant