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Lieutenant JG Miranda Blackfur

Name Miranda Blackfur

Position Chief Flight Control Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Caitian
Date of Birth

Physical Appearance

Height 5'5"
Weight 130 lbs
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Yellowish-Green
Physical Description Standing tall to the good height of 5'5". Human torso with feline facial features and ears. a bit on the lean side with tail. Three fingers with opposiable thumb to grasp things better and feet with toes similiar to human with retractable claws on fingers and toes. Sharp white teeth. dark golden brown fur on her back fading to a lighter golden brown on her frontside.


Other Family Great Grandmother Amanda Blackfur (CWO2 CFO USS Beowulf, (retired)Caitian Matriarch of the Blackfur Clan) lots of Uncles, Aunts and cousins to list.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Happy go lucky with a carefree attitude and a "can do" attitude no matter how badly everything is stacked against her. Dedicated hard worker. Professionalism...enough to keep out of trouble and loyal to a fault to those she trust. She's been known to get in bar fights, competitive, warm friendly towards she knows. Easily excited and can be just as independent and hard worker to get the job done.
Strengths & Weaknesses S: Feline speed, agility with human endruance. dependable and smart
W: very expressive of what she is feeling.
Ambitions To be the best at what she does
Hobbies & Interests Flying all sorts of areo space crafts. Martial Arts, Dancing, Embroidery, Caitain Rituals and Traditions.
Languages Caitain(N & Veriant), Human(e),

Personal History Miranda's mother died during childbirth of her and she was placed in the care of her father's family on Cait IX, Northern Continent Blackfur's Estate. She would listen for hours to Matriarch Blackfur war stories for hours on end. Following her mother's linage of being a defender of Cait held territories, She served in the Caitian Military Space Defense as a top fighter pilot, with engineering background. She wanted more and applied to StarFleet Academy to join Starfleet.

She excelled in her chosen fields from her previous knowledge of space operation of ships and navigation, giving her more time to persue other courses of activies and have decent social life other than the academy. As Alot of prior service personel, from different fleets, joining the Academy were given the choice to test out of a course than rather taking it. She jumped at the chance to test out on alot of her required courses to pursue a more specialized career path of Helm and Engineering.

With the loss suffered during the major conflicts, the fleet was staffing graduating cadets onto ships of the line to help staff ships for their cadet cruises and with her good work habits and being steadfast in completing her assignment in good standings was promoted to Ensign which was more than she was expecting at the time. But as those placed in high standing, knew what they was doing. She wasn't going to argue. At least it meant better quarters and a good chance at better shifts assignments. After completing her Cadet Cruise with honors, promoted to Ensign and transfered to the USS Dauntless.

After a brief humanitarian aid to planet, USS Duantless was recalled back to the fleet headquarters and it's personel was reassigned to different ships of the line or stayed with the Duantless in hopes of getting a new commander for the ship as alot of the crew were in line for the command chair of the ship. Other than her.

Miranda with her background and skills both as a pilot and engineer, took the job of testpilot flying ships to "break" them before being assigned to their new or returning crews after a major refits and repairs.

She was assigned to the Brisingr til it was decommissioned, crew transfered out to new ship of the line, while she took leave from fleet to visit family on Cait for awhile to see what would happen. It seamed that she would have better luck with the Caitian Defence Force. At least she would hold the rank of Flight Commander Second Class equiviliant to Federation Star Fleet rank of Lieutenant JG.
Service Record Cait IV Military Defence Force Academy : Combat Pilot and Engineering 6yrs
Cait IV Areo-space Defence Force. 4 yrs

Academy :: Warrent officer course, Helm, Astro-navigation, Auxilary crafts (Shuttles, Fighters) engineering (2yr program), Damage Control Specialist: Extra Activities, Flight Group 1 Red Squadron.

USS Miranda Cadet Cruise: Damage Control Specialist (anyshift); Gamma shift - helm; Beta shift- Shuttle pilot.

USS Dauntless :: ACFO Ensign
HF HQ:: Test Pilot // Engineer
USS Brisingr :: CFO
USS Pandora :: Flight Control OFficer
USS Yorktown :: CFO Lieutenant JG