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Lieutenant Commander Joseph Thompson

Name Joseph Thompson

Position Chief Security/Tactical Officer

Second Position Second Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Date of Birth 15 January 2354

Physical Appearance

Height 5'11"
Weight 170 lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Joseph has an athletic build; nothing over-the-top, but enough to be well above average in fitness. Though he now wears his hair long, he keeps it tied back cleanly and neatly. He has the tattoo of a wolf head on his left arm near the shoulder.


Spouse Karen (March 7, 2356) - Presumed Dead (September 2386)
Children Lucy (May 4, 2385) - Presumed Dead (September 2386); Alice (Expected April 2387) - Presumed Dead (September 2386)
Father Ken - Deceased
Mother Judy - Deceased
Other Family

Personality & Traits

General Overview In casual conversation, Joe tends to be friendly and outgoing. By contrast, while on duty Joe is efficient and focused on the task at hand. He has a sense of sadness about him, but for others' sake he does his best to hide it under his more dominant friendliness. He is very respectful of Marines, especially those he has served with.
Strengths & Weaknesses Joe is experienced both in his skills and his leadership ability. He has learned survival and combat from the Marines and excels in both of them. He is loyal to his superiors and to his subordinates, and he does his best to be friendly and respectful towards everyone. As a scholar, he was far above the average student - though his abilities were hampered by procrastination and lack of interest - and even now he still tends to learn new things quickly. He has an attention to detail, and his sniper training allows him to accurately judge weather variations, angles and trajectory, and other such aspects.

Unfortunately, Joe still has a certain rebellious streak left over from when he was young. If he sees something that he believes is wrong, he will do whatever he can to correct it. While this does not always mean disobeying orders, he has been known to bend them in the past. Also, though he does his best to suppress it, he still feels great grief over the loss of his wife and daughter.
Ambitions Joe has no major ambitions at this point. Some part of him would like closure for what happened to his family, and another part wants to just move on and leave the pain behind. He has considered returning to the Marines, but for now is merely focused on doing his duty as best he can so that no one else gets hurt because of him.
Hobbies & Interests Joe enjoys a good game of baseball, whether spectating or playing (though he much prefers playing). He also likes to swim and do various other activities to stay in shape. Though he is not a great reader, when he does read it tends towards military history or military fiction. He doesn't care for any music in particular, but he doesn't mind it being played. Joe has a fascination with the Ancient West, especially weapons of that era. He also has a preference for projectile snipers.
Languages Federation Standard, Cardassian, Klingon, Orion

Personal History Born on January 15th, 2354 to Judy and Ken Thompson, Joseph grew up in a medium-sized city. He attended public school until the middle of his 7th Grade year, when his parents moved him to a strict private school to curb his “rebellious streak”. He returned to public school for his Junior and Senior years of High School and graduated in 2372.

Joe's time in the private school had given him an appreciation for order, precision, and efficiency, but he still had a fighting spirit. Combining these elements, he joined the Marine Corps right after High School. After excelling throughout his six months of basic training, Joe was assigned as a Private First Class to Marine Unit 116, a company-sized unit assigned to the USS Wolfhound and tasked with anti-pirate operations throughout the quadrant. There, Joe served as a basic rifleman until the end of 2373, when he applied and was accepted to Scout Sniper School.

With his attention to detail and a newfound store of patience, Joe excelled throughout his five weeks of Scout Sniper School. By the time he took his final tests, he received full points for all of them. After receiving a promotion to Lance Corporal, Joe returned to active duty. Serving as a covert sniper throughout the Dominion War, Joe's skill and achievements earned him the rank of Corporal. In October of 2375, a severe phaser wound to Joe's back earned him a Purple Heart but forced him to endure two months of recovery due to nerve damage.

After his recovery, Joe returned to Marine Unit 116 and served as a sniper for seven months. His skills as a sniper were well-known throughout the company, but his superiors also saw certain leadership qualities in him and recommended that he attend the Academy for a commission. Finally, he gave in and applied, and from Fall of 2376 to Spring of 2379 he attended the Starfleet Marine Academy. Though well above average, Joe often received less-than-satisfactory grades due to his tendency towards procrastination and a desire for “fun”. Unlike Sniper Training, the Academy did not immediately capture Joe's attention; it wasn't until midway through his second year that he finally buckled down and became determined to finish.

Once finished at the Academy, Joe was returned to Alpha Fleet's Marine Unit 116. As a 2nd Lieutenant with prior service as an NCO, Joe was assigned to command the company's Sniper Squad. In December of 2379, Joe was promoted to 1st Lieutenant by the new Company CO and was given command of his own platoon within the unit. While in this position, Joe formed close bonds of trust both with his subordinates and his superior. For the next two years, this trust continued to build and Joe was given more responsibility until he held the coveted position of Platoon A CO.

In March of 2382, Joe volunteered for a covert mission involving only a single squad's worth of Marines. As the leader of Fireteam Delta, Joe was able to return to his sniper origins and provide cover for the rest of the squad. When unexpected complications caused a mission failure, Joe covered the squad's retreat. As the survivors prepared for evac, Joe learned that their Company CO had been taken prisoner and - at great personal risk - Joe remained behind to find and rescue his superior. It was during this time that Joe received a projectile shot to the chest, which narrowly missed his heart. The Company CO, who had some medic training, managed to keep Joe alive until a second evac could meet them at the extraction point. Though Joe was again forced to endure months of recovery, the incident had formed an unbreakable bond between Joe and his commander. When Joe returned to the unit in May of 2382, it was to find that his recently-departed commander had recommended Joe as his replacement. It wasn't until November of the following year, however, that Joe was granted a rank promotion to fit his position.

In early 2384, Joe met Karen while on a short LOA. The two fell in love, and Joe finished off his final term of active service with the Marines before requesting a transfer so he could spend more time with Karen. They were married in July of 2384, and after another month of extended leave Joe completed his transfer to the Galaxy-class USS Draco. With his Marine background, he received the naval rank of Lieutenant and served as Assistant Chief of Security/Tactical. Since the Draco was a Galaxy, Karen was able to live onboard with Joe, and they even had a daughter in May of 2385.

The USS Draco was attacked and boarded in September of 2386, and though Joe should have been at his duty station he had traded shifts to spend some time with his wife. When the Red Alert came, he hurried to get ready and rushed to help organize the security teams and defend the key parts of the ship. Though he performed his duties admirably even when the CS/TO fell, he didn't realize until it was too late that the pirates were taking hostages as they retreated. By the time the crew had fought off the pirates, there were 43 missing civilians - including Joe's family.

By the time the Draco received assistance from the nearest vessel, the pirates were long gone. Joe wanted to go after them, but the pirates were known to leave no hostages alive and everyone had already counted them as lost. Finally, Joe gave up and accepted his promotion to Lieutenant Commander for services rendered to the ship, but he asked for another transfer; he didn’t want to stay on a ship that he had spent so much time with his wife on. His transfer was granted, and he became the CS/TO for the USS Pandora.

In June of 2388, Joe was selected for a transfer to the USS Yorktown and accepted, though somewhat reluctantly. His disappointment at leaving the command of Captain Iluvar, however, was slightly lessened when he learned that many of his colleagues from the Pandora would be joining him on the Yorktown.
Service Record * Sept 2359-June 2365: Elementary School - Public
* Sept 2365-Feb 2367: Middle School - Public
o [Medical Entry: July 2366 - Broken arm, fall from tree; fully mended]
* Feb 2367-June 2368: Middle School - Private
* Sept 2368-June 2370: High School - Private
* Sept 2370-June 2372: High School - Public

* June 2372-Dec 2372: Starfleet Marine Basic
* Jan 2373-Dec 2373: Marine Unit 116, Fleet Alpha - Private First Class, Rifleman
* Jan 2374-Feb 2374: Marine Scout Sniper School
* May 2374-Oct 2375: Dominion War - Lance Corporal, Sniper
o [Medical Entry: May 2374 - Tatoo of Wolf Head]
o [Medical Entry: Oct 2375 - Phaser shot to lower left back, mended with scar, 2 months recovery]
* Jan 2376-July 2376: Marine Unit 116, Fleet Alpha - Corporal, Sniper

* Fall 2376-Spring 2379: Starfleet Marine Academy - Officer Comission
* June 2379-Dec 2379: Marine Unit 116, Fleet Alpha - Marine 2nd LT, Sniper Squad Leader
* Dec 2379-Nov 2380: Marine Unit 116, Fleet Alpha - Marine 1st LT, Platoon C CO
* Nov 2380-July 2381: Marine Unit 116, Fleet Alpha - Marine 1st LT, Platoon B CO
* July 2381-Mar 2382: Marine Unit 116, Fleet Alpha - Marine 1st LT, Platoon A CO
o [Medical Entry: Mar 2382 - Projectile shot to chest, mended with small scar, 2 months recovery]
* May 2382-June 2384: Marine Unit 116, Fleet Alpha - Marine Captain, Company CO


* Sept 2384-Oct 2386: USS Draco - ACS/TO, Navy Lieutenant
* Oct 2386-June 2388: USS Pandora - CS/TO, Navy Lt. Commander
*June 2388-Present: Uss Yorktown - CS/TO, Navy Lt. Commander