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Captain Tobias Naros

Name Tobias Naros

Position Commanding Officer

Rank Captain

Character Information

Gender Male
Species El-Aurian
Date of Birth 12 April 2174

Physical Appearance

Height 6'1"
Weight 154 lbs
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Despite over two centuries of life, Tobias continues to display the youthful vigor characteristic of his race and is considered to be relatively young by El-Aurian standards. His eyes convey a warmth and understanding which has made him seem much more approachable to others, though they sometimes bear witness to something darker hidden beneath the surface.

When not in uniform, Tobias prefers to dress simply and casually, choosing to forgo a flamboyant wardrobe in favor of the more traditional tunic.


Father Erithus Naros (Deceased)
Mother Morticia Naros (Assimilated - Unknown)
Brother(s) Kolan Naros (Unknown)
Other Family Ambassador Mordred Ocal, Guinan, Jeff Greene (Deceased), Aaron Russell, Vice Admiral Quinn Androski, Jaden Androski (Godson)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Tobias is generally considered to be an outgoing individual and has little difficulty with others, a trait often attributed to the excellent listening skills common to many of El-Aurian descent. His superiors have frequently commended his ability to find the strengths of his team and put them to their best use.

Under his friendly exterior, however, Tobias hides a dark secret from his past. This has caused him to periodically lapse into moments of extreme seclusion.
Strengths & Weaknesses
Hobbies & Interests

Personal History Tobias Naros was born to Erithus and Morticia Naros on 12 April 2174 on the El-Aurian colony of Silvian. He enjoyed the comforts of a warm family life and would frequently play with his brother Kolan along the hills overlooking the small colony where their parents worked as scientists.

The Borg first arrived at Silvian while Tobias was still very young. His family was one of only a few which managed to escape before the colony was assimilated, but it was only the beginning. Over the next several years, his family, along with other El-Aurian refugees, found themselves being chased from planet to planet by the seemingly relentless advance of the Borg. It wasn’t until they finally settled on the El-Aurian homeworld that they managed to find some semblance of peace.

For a time, the Borg invasion seemed to have lessened to such a degree Tobias found himself with an opportunity to study the culture and history of his people. He and his brother remained quite close, though the two of them began entering different fields of interest. Kolan felt the future of the El-Aurian race lay in themselves and their own culture. Tobias realized the first Borg invasion now required the El-Aurian people to look to other races as friends and not outsiders.

An armada of Borg vessels arrived in orbit of the El-Aurian homeworld without warning just as things seemed to be going well. Fear and panic erupted as thousands of drones began materializing in every major city. Tobias rushed home to warn his family and try to get them aboard a transport. He arrived to find his father dead and his mother already partially assimilated. Terrified, he fled the building and was nearly assimilated himself before being rescued by his brother, Kolan.

The two brothers struggled to make their way toward the transports and soon became separated from one another amidst the bustle. Many transports departed the doomed homeworld and set off in different directions in hopes of evading pursuit by the Borg. It was the last time Tobias ever saw his brother.

Soon, the transport Tobias was aboard reached the borders of the Federation. They had heard of El-Aurians wo had visited a place called Earth and were trying to reach that world when they encountered a strange astronomical phenomena known as the Nexus. Unable to break free, they sent out an urgent distress call which was answered by the USS Enterprise-B under the command of Captain John Harriman while on her shakedown cruise. Tobias was one of only thirty-five survivors beamed to the Enterprise. For a fleeting moment, he had felt the irresistible pull of the Nexus.

Tobias spent his first few years on Earth exploring the planet and hoping to figure out what path his life would take. Eventually, he enrolled at Starfleet Academy in San Francisco and was accepted as a cadet into the flight control program. Though he was no longer amongst El-Aurians, he found he could still venture out into the stars and encounter new civilizations. His performance impressed many of his instructors and earned him top honors amongst his Academy flight.

Upon graduation in early 2300, Tobias was assigned to the USS Orlando, a new Excelsior-class vessel patrolling the Klingon border, as a shuttlecraft pilot. He quickly distinguished himself by performing above and beyond the call of duty during a tense negotiation with the Klingon House of Duras. A Federation negotiator and the Orlando’s commanding officer had beamed to the planet’s surface to discuss terms for a prisoner exchange, but were immediately kidnapped and held hostage by the Klingons. Tobias volunteered to pilot the shuttle which was to carry a team to retrieve the hostages, but lost contact with the Orlando en route and was forced to choose between continuing on or turning back. In the end, he decided on the former and successfully slipped past the Klingon defenses to land the rescue team, retrieve the hostages, and return to the ship.

After nearly twenty five years of service aboard the USS Orlando, Tobias was transferred to the newly comissioned USS Ambassador, the first in the Ambassador-class line, where he continued to fly shuttles for another six months before being reassigned as a flight control officer. He continued to serve as a member of the Ambassador's flight control department for another four years before resigning his commission and embarking on an extended leave of absence from Starfleet.

Nearly thirty years passed in which Tobias spent most of his time travelling across Federation and even beyond its borders into the territory of other galactic states in hopes of experiencing other cultures in a way not easily accessible to him as a Starfleet officer. He returned to Earth in 2332 to witness the launch of the Ambassador-class USS Enterprise-C, but then settled down on one of the Federation's outer colonies where he continued to remain quite withdrawn from the events which were beginning to transpire on the galactic stage.

Tobias finally returned to Starfleet in mid-2357, accepting a reduction in rank and assuming the position of flight control officer aboard the Excelsior-class USS Lantru. It did not take Tobias long to earn himself a regular posting to the bridge night watch and could often be found helping to facilitate flight training with other personnel when not manning the ship's helm. He quickly impressed his superiors with the way he was able to connect with his fellow shipmates across departmental divisions and how he used those connections to help improve performance.

The Lantru was ordered to proceed to a region of unexplored space near the Black Cluster in early 2362 where she came under attack from two Breen warships while investigating a binary star system. Tobias was at the helm when the warships managed to disable the Lantru's warp drive and cause significant damage to numerous other systems. He set a course directly between the two stars and managed to escape the pursuing Breen long enough for the chief engineer to restore warp power. This allowed them just enough for a short jump before they lost all warp capability and were sent hurtling through space. Tobias managed to stabilize the ship and eventually bring them to a halt, but the damage sustained from their engagement had been too great and they were forced to abandon the Lantru.

Tobias received a promotion to the rank of Lieutenant JG and was offered the opportunity for reassignment aboard the Excelsior-class USS Achilles along with a majority of the surviving Lantru crew. At the recommendation of his supervisor as well as Captain Kevin Hatterson, Tobias accepted an appointment to the position of assistant chief flight control officer aboard the Achilles.

The arrival in Federation space of a single Borg cube in 2366 brought back a flood of memories Tobias had spent many years trying to forget. It had been almost a century since he had last heard any reference to the cybernetic menace which had reduced his species to a few bands of refugees scattered throughout the galaxy. Now it seemed as if the same fate was about to be unleashed upon the members of the Federation.

An official summons was issued by Starfleet Command for all available ships to muster a defense at Wolf 359 while the crew of the USS Enterprise-D attempted to slow the cube's progress toward Earth. There were many aboard the Achilles, including Tobias, who felt it was their duty to respond to the summons with all haste. Captain Hatterson made it perfectly clear the Achilles would not be altering course as they were too far from the rally point to lend any assistance. Tobias spoke with his commanding officer in private and attempted to persuade him otherwise, but the order remained unchanged. The captain reminded Tobias everyone had a desire to defend that which they loved and sometimes that meant staying away from the front lines.

Seven years later, a second Borg cube entered Federation space on a direct course for Earth where the Achilles had just completed a six month overhaul to her command and control systems. Tobias was on the bridge when the Borg entered visual range and he was again reminded of the dark memories from his past. The cube proceeded forward with relentless purpose toward its target as the men and women around him prepared to engage perhaps the most fearsome enemy they had ever faced.

The Achilles was immediately battered by numerous assaults from the Borg cube and the chief flight control officer was killed when a section of his console overloaded during the onslaught. Tobias took over and began trying to maneuver the Achilles out of range to allow them some respite, but the controls were too sluggish. Captain Hatterson ordered the ship evacuated and Tobias complied without protest. He was one of the few senior officers who managed to make his way to one of the escape pods, somehow avoiding detection by the Borg amidst the chaos of the ongoing battle.

The outbreak of the Dominion War saw Tobias assigned to the Defiant-class USS Antigo as assistant chief flight control officer where he saw considerable time serving as armed escort for Federation and Allied convoys serving the front lines. As distant as the Antigo seemed to be from the primary action against Dominion forces, Tobias could still see how the ongoing conflict was affecting both Starfleet and civilian alike. Extended deployments, limited resources, and constant attacks were taking their toll on those aboard vessels all across the field of combat including the Antigo. It wasn't until the Romulans declared war upon the Dominion and Alliance advances began pushing the enemy back into Cardassian space that morale finally began to improve.

Following the Treaty of Bajor and the end of open hostilities with the Dominion in 2375, Tobias accepted a position as flight instructor at Starfleet Academy. A new generation of cadets had been shouldered with the burden of filling the void left by those who had perished during the war and he felt obligated to pass what he could of his own experiences to those who would soon be venturing into the unknown. Tobias found simple pleasure in teaching his cadets, even if it went beyond the basic technical knowledge necessary for starship maneuvering. These young men and women needed to know they would be serving with countless others who would support them.

Starfleet Command approached Tobias in early 2378 with an opportunity to participate in an officer exchange program with the Klingon Defense Force aboard the IKS Korath. Tobias took advantage of his twelve months as the ship's assistant flight control officer to not only represent the Federation, but to better his understanding of Klingon culture through an active involvement in whatever the crew happened be doing. His participation earned him the respect of his Klingon shipmates as well as his commanding officer.

Tobias returned from his year aboard the IKS Korath and was immediately assigned to the Olympic-class medical ship USS Cadillus where he served within the flight control department from 2379 to 2384. Having kept an eye on the new Luna-class development project, Tobias requested a transfer to the USS Proteus as assistant chief flight control officer in early 2384. His time aboard the Proteus was short lived when Commander Coran resigned his command of the vessel and Tobias was transferred back to the USS Orlando, bringing his Starfleet career full circle.

During his first mission aboard the Orlando, Commander Quinn Androski saw fit to promote Tobias to the full rank of Lieutenant and assign him the additional responsibility of Second Officer. Tobias took to his duties with dedication and what one might almost consider to be enthusiasm, for an El-Aurian. When the Orlando was thrown into the Mirror Universe, Tobias was captured by agents of the Romulan Star Federation because they believed him to have information relating to the mysterious race known as the Preservers. The El-Aurian knew that if the Romulan Federation managed to get its hands on Preserver technology, there was no telling what events would result. Although he underwent mind probing and torture at the hands of his captors, Tobias survived to be rescued by the crew of the Orlando.

Tobias played an integral role in helping to expose Commander Millstone and her involvement in covering up the use of Omega in an attempt to power an experimental slipstream drive. Later that year, he was one of the few Orlando crewmembers who did not fall prey to the illusions of anaphasic lifeforms that had managed to get into the Orlando's systems. Tobias had his first encounter with the entity known as Q shortly afterward. He had heard much about Q from others of his species as well as in his review of the logs of those Starfleet officers who had previously encountered the entity. Despite his attempts to keep an open mind, he did not seem too thrilled by Q's seemingly random antics amongst the Orlando crew. Q managed to strike a chord when he pointed out to Tobias that, though the El-Aurians are master listeners, perhaps their greatest weakness is that they are unable to confide in others.

Shortly after the Orlando helped to diffuse a tense standoff between Elyshan and Federation forces at Starbase 386, Tobias was approached by the now-Rear Admiral Androski to serve as the new first officer of the Orlando. Given his experience, especially aboard the Orlando, and his desire to serve his ship and crew to the best of his abilities, Tobias accepted the position. He continued to serve as the admiral's executive officer during the investigation into the assassination of Romulan Praetor Tal'aura. In early 2387, he was promoted to the rank of full commander for his dedicated service to both ship and crew.
Service Record *Cadet - Flight Control, Starfleet Academy (2296-2300)
*Ensign - Shuttlecraft Pilot, USS Orlando (2300-2325)
*Ensign - Shuttlecraft Pilot, USS Ambassador (2325)
*Lieutenant JG - Flight Control Officer, USS Ambassador (2325-2329)
*Ensign - Flight Control Officer, USS Lantru (2357-2362)
*Lieutenant JG - Assistant Chief Flight Control Officer, USS Achilles (2362-2373)
*Lieutenant JG - Assistant Chief Flight Control Officer, USS Antigo (2373-2375)
*Lieutenant JG - Flight Instructor, Starfleet Academy (2375-2379)
*Lieutenant JG - Assistant Chief Flight Control Officer, IKS Koroth (2378-2379)
*Lieutenant JG - Assistant Chief Flight Control Officer, USS Cadillus (2379-2384)
*Lieutenant JG - Assistant Chief Flight Control Officer, USS Proteus (2384)
*Lieutenant - Chief Flight Control Officer & Second Officer, USS Orlando (2384-2385)
*Lieutenant Commander - Executive Officer, USS Orlando (2385-2386)
*Commander - Executive Officer, USS Orlando (2386-2387)
*Commander - Executive Officer, USS Orlando-A (2387-2388)
*Captain - Commanding Officer, USS Yorktown (2388-Present)