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Eighth "Horizon" Fleet Seeks Community Coordinator

Posted on Tue Aug 6th, 2013 @ 9:21am by Captain Tobias Naros

Are you a proud member of HF? Love our community spirit but want to see more involvement amongst members? Do you like organizing/promoting events?

Request an application to be our Community Coordinator today!

In order to be considered for Community Coordinator, you need to have an active character in Horizon Fleet and request an application from Vice Admiral Livian.

Community Coordinator responsibilities include:
-Promoting the use of the HF Forum, HF Wiki & IRC
-Developing, organizing, and promoting community involvement events
-Promoting HF/events via Twitter/Facebook, etc
-Monthly report to DPA

Responsibilities may be expanded to include:
-Approving pending awards
-Review suggestions for new awards
-Organize Post of the Month (PotM) and Simm of the Month (SotM) nominees
-Determine SotM winners in a fair, unbiased manner
-Organize Annual Award winners
-This position may be elevated to a Fleet Council position in the future

If you would like the opportunity to bring the Horizon Fleet Community together please e-mail Vice Admiral Kailani Livian at dpa[at] by August 13, 2013 to request an application and return it by August 17, 2013.


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