IRC Chat Rules and Shortcuts

USS Yorktown IRC Rules

1. Please be respectful. This applies to foul language, descriptions of violence, drug use, illegal activities and overtly sexual material. Some users are as young as 13, and therefore the chat environment must reflect that.
2. Conversation must take place in English. Users who speak other languages are invited to converse in another room or by private message.
3. Recruitment is NOT permitted in the chat room. Anyone found to be recruiting for other sims and/or fleets within this chatroom will be removed from the room by a Channel Operator
4. Channel Operators have the final say on what is and what is not acceptable, and must be deferred to on all issues of decorum in the chat room. Any user arguing with an Operator over chat policy will be summarily banned.
5. These rules are subject to change by Channel Operators at any time. Such changes will be announced in the Chat and posted in these rules.

USS Yorktown IRC Shortcuts

1. To change your chosen nickname type /nick nickname. For example, if you wished to change your nickname to Excelsior, you would type /nick Excelsior in the chatbox.
2. To join another channel on the darkmyst servers, type /join #channelname. For example, if you wanted to enter the Horizon Fleet IRC channel, you would type /join #horizonfleet.
3. To show a personal action type /me action. For example, if you wished to offer someone a drink, you would type /me offers someone a drink in the chatbox.